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The Curse of Senmut: First in the Ardis Cole Series

Outside a small village near the Valley of the Kings, archaeologist Ardis Cole arrives in Egypt to help excavate a tomb recently discovered by her mentor, Jane Darvin. When Jane is murdered, Ardis must assume responsibility for the project. With the help of mysterious Blake Lydon, she must unravel the tomb's mystery-an ancient secret concerning two miniature obelisks of gold hidden by Queen Hatshepsut's love, Senmut, over 2000 years ago. As Ardis uncovers the ancient mystery, she finds herself drawn into a modern action tale of hatred, murder, and revenge. 

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 Unmarked Grave: Book Two of the Ardis Cole Series

Ardis Cole travels to Scotland to do a facial reconstruction on a skull her friend Bruce McBrier has discovered in the woods outside his ancestral castle. Because of an ancient ax buried in the skull, Bruce presumes the skull to be a historical relic, possibly the remains of a medieval ancestor murdered in battle. When Ardis makes the shocking discovery that the remains are that of a more recent murder, Constable Mark Ridley asks her help in going ahead with the facial reconstruction in hopes the victim can be identified. But someone is willing to go to great lengths ... even murder ... to keep the skull's deadly secret.

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Trouble precedes Ardis Cole to the site of a Han Dynasty tomb in China. Dr. Yong Po, who has asked for her assistance, is being stalked by a person wearing a crimson opera mask. Ardis is concerned when her co-worker, Grant Merlin, fails to arrive at the project, and his ex-wife, Sheri, takes his place. More problems arise when Sheri is attacked on the cliffs by the same masked intruder. Ardis' search for the tomb of emperor Sun Yan leads to ancient intrigue surrounding a captive princess, referred to in his poetry as the "Lady of White Jade." As Ardis delves deeper into the tomb's secret, a centuries old crime of passion is eerily replayed in the present.

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More Novels of Mystery and Suspense:

The Vanished lady

Dana Lawrence doesn’t imagine when she buys the quaint Victorian house in the remote mountains of Colorado that her life will soon be in danger. She has heard the legend of Lelia Glenn and how she vanished in the 1800’s, but no one told her about the more recent disappearance of Amy Walden two years ago.
On the night of her arrival, Dana spies someone digging on her land. The sheriff tells her that on the day Amy disappeared Glenndale’s jewelry store was robbed. Amy’s boyfriend, Donnie Thorpe, is still on the run, and his accomplice, Jed Hoyt, has just been released from prison. Bennett believes a third party masterminded the robbery--her handsome neighbor, Logan Rand.
While Dana tries to beat the thieves to the stolen goods, she uncovers a grave. Threats and attempts on her life follow in rapid succession. Dana must identify the killer before she becomes the next vanished lady.
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 The Viking Crown

Honduras, Central America, 1885. Carriage broken down in an isolated area of Central America, abandoned by her guide and surrounded by bandits, Marta Swan appeals to handsome Ramon Santiago for rescue. A swift ride on horseback takes them to a remote castle nestled in the mountains, where Marta is welcomed by Ramon's employer, an enigmatic, red-bearded man known throughout the region as "the Viking." Marta's fears rise as she leans the Viking is a madman who believes her to be the reincarnation of a lost princess. The Viking possesses great treasure, a golden crown and an ancient medallion, which men are seeking and will kill to own. Everything depends upon Marta's finding her archaeologist co-worker, Alan Avery, who has, because of their work, ventured into Honduras and then vanished into the jungle. But Ramon, who Marta now realizes is acting as her personal bodyguard, will not 
                                     allow her to escape. 

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Arctic Legacy

When Ara Londell contacts her father, who she has never seen, he directs her to meet him aboard an old freighter, the Sea Rogue, that sails the arctic waters of Alaska. Ara, angry over her father's failure to show up, soon believes a sinister reason exists for his strange disappearance. As the old freighter continues along the isolated coastline towards Nome and the Arctic Circle, Ara believes it is on some dreadful mission. When someone tries to kill her, she confides in handsome marc Stewart, who attempts to convince her that she must give up her search for her missing father. Marc fails to tell her that he and her father are business associates, and when Ara finds out, she suspects that Marc is playing some major role in the danger that she faces. She is more determined than ever to solve the mystery, but finds herself all alone on a terrifying voyage.

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Arctic Legacy
Death Blow
. . . a gripping tale of a brutal murder whose only witness is a four-year-old child. This chilling storyline takes plenty of twists and keeps you guessing until the very end. Fans of mystery/suspense will enjoy this latest novel by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton; it is a winner!--Tracy Farnsworth, Ivy Quill Reviews
When Laura Radburn's tenant, Crystal Mar, is murdered, Laura finds herself unexpectedly appointed as legal guardian of Crystal's 4-year old child. Shortly after she takes Karma in, Laura begins receiving death threats. Is someone after the child—or is Laura herself the target?
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 Bitter Melody
 When Elaine Sands auditions as a singer for the Wind River Band, her wildest dreams seem to be coming true.  But soon it is clear that someone is out to ruin her success.  During her first night on stage, Elaine barely escapes receiving a fatal electrical shock.  Threatening phone calls suggest she has become the target of some obsessed fan.  Yet Elaine is shattered when she finds out Rex has a reason to want her out of the way--and may have hired her for the sold purpose of staging her death.  What started out as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure suddenly becomes a tour of evil.

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Path of the Jaguar, our first Co-Authored Book, now available on Kindle and Nook for $3.99

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