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To whom it may concern,

The United States of America is standing up for the human race.  If you want new medicines to cure diseases and better standards of living for all humanity, than guess what?  You should support America.  The US is fighting the good fight in a war that was brought to it, not a war it elected to start.  America has been repeatedly attacked in an escalating string of unprovoked and unwarranted outrages for the past 25 plus years.  At a certain point the attacks become too painful to suffer.  That point has been passed and all ideological supporters of war against America are enemies of the US at war.  America has become the enemy of so many millions due to power mongering of greedy talentless tyrants who lacked the ability and desire to make a better life for their own people. 

Proudly American, Captain Vick Frost

A wise man once said "what people want and cant get... this is how we live."

Sleep can be allusive.  Socks losse their mates.  Sensormatic fights the tide of loss.  While air conditioners cool the day.  HDTV, HDTV, how we worship at your altar.  Plasma, LCD, DLP, F U Walter.  Somnigen security tags and socks.   Whatcha, Whatcha, Whatcha gotts, Whatcha gotts.