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50" Panasonic Widescreen Plasma HDTV with HDMI input
Model: TH-50PX50U
Buy now for $3999.99

Glorious color and crystal clear picture quality make this massive 50"
widescreen Panasonic Plasma HDTV a terrific addition to any home.  This
set (only 3 7/8" deep!) makes use of high tech features such as
scanning technology, Color Management and Digital Cinema Reality,
ensuring that
every  time you sit down to watch this HDTV it will truly be a joy.

*Digital Cable-ready equipped.
*HD capable antenna or CableCARD allows set to receive all over air HD
broadcasts.  Satellite HD programming will require the addition of a
set top
*HDMI input allows for high quality connections and supports copy
protected HD
content.  Also provides an uncompressed all digital audio/video link.

*Accepts all digital television signals including 480p, 480i, 720p and
*Features 1366 x 768 pixel resolution with 16:9 widescreen aspect
*HDTV viewing modes include: zoom, 4:3, full and just.
*Cinema-like viewing possible with Digital Cinema Reality technology.
*Brightness is greatly enhanced and picture is made more sharp and
vivid through
the use of this HDTV's Mach Band Effect enhancer.
*This Panasonic HDTV displays more than 8 billion colors with 2,048
shades of
gradiation to minimize false contouring artifacts.
*A 3D Y/C motion adaptive comb filter provides state-of-the art crystal
images and colors.
*Super slim design HDTV set is only 3 7/8" inches deep.
*Video and noise reduction, sub-pixel control, motion-pattern noise
and 3D color management technologies all work together to produce the
pictures with the sharpest and most true-to-life colors.
*Easy hookup of DVD player is possible with the standard component
video inputs.
Output picture quality is optimized with the HDTV's progressive scan
*Available inputs include the following: 2 component video, 2 s-video,
1 HDMI, 5
audio and 2 composite video.
*Available outputs include: 1 audio and 1 composite video
*Closed captioning setting available.
*Tri-lingual menu and sleep timer also come as standard features on
this plasma
*V-chip included for enhanced parental television viewing control.

Panasonic Widescreen 50" HDTV Plasma AUDIO FEATURES:
*This HDTV features Virtual surround sound
*2 built in full range stereo speakers included with a 16w audio

Panasonic Widescreen 50" HDTV Plasma PRODUCT DETAILS:
*Total HDTV product height: 32" inches
*Total HDTV product width: 49.5" inches
*Total HDTV product depth: 3 7/8" inches
*Total HDTV screen size: 50" inches
*HDTV digital cable ready: yes
*Total TV aspect ratio: 16:9
*Panasonic HDTV digital capabilities: built in HD DCR
*Panasonic 50" HDTV maximum resolution: 1080i
*Native mode total vertical scanning lines: 768
*Type of comb filter: 3D Y/C
*HDTV resolution: 1366 x 768
*Available media card slot: no
*Total no. of HDMI inputs: 1
*Total no. of S-video inputs: 2
*Total no. of composite inputs: 2
*Total no. of component video inputs: 2
*Any PC inputs available: no
*Total audio outputs: 2
*Total no. of speakers: 2
*How many watts per channel: 8w x 2
*Simulated surround sound audio: yes
*What are available language options: English, French and Spanish
*Does this HDTV come equipped with a v-chip: yes
*Does this HDTV come equipped with a Sleep timer: yes
*Does this HDTV come equipped with an alarm: yes

50 inch plasma televisions are quite a luxory item.