got a star

              Do you know who have a star from me?   Is it you or who?  You just don't look up to the sky and it will say your name on the star.  Each one of them has something special inside them of them.  My family and friends even my boyfriend, they're all important and special, but I would say that my families are more important to me.  They're all part of my life, we combine a heart together mining we love each other.  My family had been with me since the first day of my life, and they will be with me to the last day of my life.

          For example, I know my family they're important to me.  Because when I was five years old my dad left to Mexico for almost a month, and now and then I use to cry because I wanted for him to come back with me.  I relies that he is important to me no matter what.  He mines everything to me like my whole family dose.

        Like my brother perhaps, when he felt sitting down, he felt from the roof of my aunty house.  My aunty was calling for an ambulance.  When my cousin told me, I tough it wasn't that bad but when he said that my aunty was calling for an ambulance I felt bad. I started to cry when the ambulance drivers put my brother on board,.  I was waiting and waiting and when I saw my dad parking the car my mom and brother we're inside. It was like 7:30pm, they took like four hours and a half.  My face was turned from sad face: ( to happy face: ).

Also, when I don't behave my mom tells me that she's going to send me to Mexico or she's going to put me in a school were you can come out only if you behave. I always feel bad when she say that.  I feel like I'm nothing that I'm just in her way.  I agree with her when she say that she going to take me to the school, and when she start saying that I always tell her ok then take me if you want.  Anyways you would only see me on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if I behave and you know that's not enough, well for me I don't know what I would do with out my family.  They mean the world to me.  They're more then anything I have in my life.