Live Free

Read my This I Believe Essay.....

             Hello people, I'm Victoria.  Some of you might know me and some of  you might not.  I'm doing this because it sounds fun like my teacher said it is.  I live in San Pablo, a small city over here in California. I have been living in San Pablo and Richmond all my life.  I am in Summer School Bridge in Richmond High School.

      What I would like to do after high school is go to UC Berkeley. Since I was a little girl, I have been telling my parents that I would like to be a doctor.  I'd like to be a doctor to help people when their injured, but what I am not sure of is that I don't know what kind of doctor I'll like to be.  There's one thing I do know. They're sweet and kind to be with. I really love kids.  I know that kids don't like to visit the doctor, because they're scared and sometimes they get shots and they don't like that.  On the other hand, if they behave they can choose between a teddy bear or lollipop. 

              If I want to be a doctor I need to go for four years to university then I need to go to medical school, like I 'm planning to do.  If I really want to be a doctor, I need to try real hard and focus to get what I want.  If  I just attend and do nothing the president of the university is not going ok you came hear attend the four year so now you get your diploma no is not play like that.  But, I hope it was true but is not.  I go to school get all my credit and pass all the classes.  To get to UC Berkeley I need to pass CAHSSE, take AP classes, join the Health Academy, and I need to take the SAT test.   So I need to put my 100% effort if I'm going to UC Berkeley.

     That's like my dream but it will become reality.  I would like for my mom to be proud of me and to be happy for me.   Thank you for having the time reading this.