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Other publications
  • Treating the field as a lab: A basic guide to conducting economics experiments for policymaking, September 2012 (Final Version    User Experience Survey). Disclaimer: The final, published version has been released. Please complete a short download form so I can keep track of users and email future updates. Please cite as "Viceisza, A. C. G. 2012. Treating the field as a lab: A basic guide to conducting economics experiments for policymaking. Food Security in Practice Technical Guide 7, Washington, D.C.: International Food Policy Research Institute."

Working papers
  • Competition and prosociality: A field experiment in Ghana (with Kerstin Grosch and Marcela Ibanez), July 2017 (Paper    Instructions    Surveys).
  • Revealing intentions to enhance coordination: evidence from collective commercialization in Senegal (with Kodjo Aflagah and Tanguy Bernard), March 2017 (Paper).
  • Building trust in rural producer organizations: results from a randomized controlled trial (with Tanguy BernardMarkus FrölichAndreas LandmannPia Naima Unte and Fleur Wouterse), April 2016 (Paper    Online Appendix). A version of this paper appeared as IZA Discussion Paper 9207 under the title "Building trust in rural producer organizations in Senegal: results from a randomized controlled trial".
  • Communication and coordination: Experimental evidence from farmer groups in Senegal (with Kodjo Aflagah and Tanguy Bernard), June 2015 (Paper    Instructions)A version of this paper appeared as IFPRI & PIM Discussion Paper 01450.
  • Leaders needed: Experimental evidence from rural producer organizations in Senegal (with Tanguy Bernard, Ligane Sene and Fleur Wouterse), November 2014 (Paper). A version of this paper circulated under the title "Coordination requires more than one leader! Experimental evidence from rural producer organizations in Senegal".

In progress

Non-peer reviewed publications

  • Behavioral Field Experiments for the Study of HPAI Prevention and Control, Africa/Indonesia Region Report No. 12, October 2008.
  • Georgia’s Aging Population: What to expect and how to cope? (with Glenn Landers, Clare Richie, Sally Wallace and David Sjoquist), FRC Report/Brief No. 116, October 2005.
  • “ATM: On the road to success” Library and Press of the University of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao, May 2000.

Permanent working papers  

  • The effect of irrelevant information on adverse selection in a signaling game, June 2013 (Paper incl. Instructions). This is a substantially revised version of a paper that formerly circulated under the title: An experimental inquiry into the effect of yardstick competition on corruption, IFPRI Discussion Paper 774.

Presentations, speeches, opinions, & interviews  

  • Commencement Speech at University of Curacao, June 29, 2017 (Highlights, Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Newspaper)
  • Interview by Wereldjournalisten in the Netherlands, June 12, 2016 (Article in Dutch).
  • Behavioral Field Experiments, Goettingen, November 24, 26, 27, 2015 (Syllabus, Notes).
  • Inside Spelman Interviews, (December 2014February 2015).
  • Experimental methods for impact assessment, AGRODEP, Dakar, May 26-27, 2014 (Webpage, SyllabusPicture).
  • Understanding the poor's decisions: A forum on using lablike field experiments to inform policy, IFPRI, Washington, DC, November 8, 2013 (Presentation).
  • Annual IFPRI Toastmasters (Chatmasters International) Address, Washington, DC, April 23, 2009 (Presentation).
  • Mini-lecture on Experimental Economics Methods at the University of Hohenheim under auspices of prof. dr. Manfred Zeller, Hohenheim, November 2008 (Syllabus).
  • IFPRI Activities on Compensation, presented at the Western Hemisphere on Poultry Compensation--A Critical Component for Avian Influenza Control organized by the FAOOIEUSDA and US DOD, Gamboa, Panamá, July 2008 (Presentation). 
  • Three Anecdotes and A Couple of Quotes, speech held at the eleventh annual Andrew Young School of Policy Studies Honors Dinner, GSU, April 2007 (Speech). 
  • Kòrsou, n’unda bo tesoro ta?, article discussing the self-fulfilling prophecies of Curaçao macroeconomics, local associated press, Curaçao, June 2003 (Article [in Papiamento]).
  • The Culture of Fear, article published as part of book compiled and edited by prof. dr. ing. Valdemar Marcha and prof. dr. Paul Verweel, University of the Netherlands Antilles and University of Utrecht, January 2003 (Paper [in Dutch]).