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University Paris-Dauphine


113, rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris


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 NEW          "Demand learning and firm dynamics: evidence from exporters"
                   Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming
                   N.Berman, V.Rebeyrol & V.Vicard
                   Latest version (August 2017) - Online appendix - CEPR DP10517

POLICY       "Brexit : quel coût pour le Royaume-Uni ? Quel coût pour l'Europe ?"
L'économie mondiale 2018, La Découverte, p.76-87, septembre 2017 LINK                

 NEW WP    "The cost of Non-Europe revisited", very preliminary.
T.Mayer, S.Zignago &V.Vicard
PDF   April 2017.

 NEW         "Shipment frequency of exporters and demand uncertainty"  LINK  
Review of World Economics, November 2017, Volume 153, Issue 4, pp 779–807
                  G.Bekes, B.Murakozy, L.Fontagné &V.Vicard

  POLICY   "Determinants of the current account: Bayesian model averaging and panel data poolability"
                November 2016, with R. Desbordes and G.Koop.    mimeo 


"Trade and income: causal evidence from civil wars in transit countries"
PDF  March 2016.
M.Couttenier &V.Vicard


"Competition for global value added: domestic and export market shares"
Bulletin Banque de France, QSA, 2016, issue 41, p.5-15, avec R.Cezar, A.Duguet et G.Gaulier. 

"Profit shifting through transfer pricing: evidence from French firm level trade data", May 2015.  WP BDF 555 


       "Firm's export dynamics: experience vs. size"  LINK  WP BDF 445 
       World Economy, 2015, vol.38:7, p.
1130–1158, with Antoine Berthou.


"French firms exports during downturns: evidence from past crises"
World Economy, 2014, vol.37:10, p
1410-1423, with D. Bellas.  

"Les coûts du travail des services domestiques incorporés aux exportations pèsent-ils sur la compétitivité-coût ?"     LINK 
Bulletin Banque de France, 2014, issue 197, p.55-65, avec L.Le Saux.

"Export: risky business?"   
January 2014.   mimeo

"National Borders Matter...where one draws the line too"    LINK 
Canadian Journal of Economics, 2013, vol 46:1, with E.Lavallée

"Current account imbalances in the euro area: competitiveness or demand shock?"     LINK 
QSA - Bulletin Banque de France, 2012, issue 27,
with G.Gaulier. 

"Firms and the global crisis: French exports in the turmoil"    LINK 
Journal of International Economics, 2012, vol 87:1
JC.Bricongne, L.Fontagné, G.Gaulier and D.Taglioni.