We often quote things from the scriptures and insist that people must accept them without applying intellect only because the wisdom is from the Enlightened Masters..This wide spread tendency among spiritual groups has led me to share some of my views on Enlightened beings..

My apprehension about 'eternally enlightened' is on following points :

(a) When we talk about Enlightened person, we should remember that we speak about the spirit manifesting as an individual embodied in Mind-Body. Let us agree that this Mind-Body combination is very unique.

Mind is a subtle form of body and Body is gross Mind. It is like : a small clock is a watch and a big watch is a clock. Thus, if body is subject to wear and tear.. Jara and Vyadhi, Mind cannot remain sound when body is not in good health. This is the psychosomatic nature of disease that the doctors do believe into now.

We have witnessed many such messes created by celebrities in advance stage of their life. We do ridicule such events invoving the politicians. But we treat differently when the same blunders are created by the so called 'Eternally Enlightened' Gurus. Let us not forget that spiritual leaders are also subject to all vulnerabilities..!

(b) Enlightenment is a happening.. It is an occurrence. It is an event and not subject to any attainment.

Attainment is an output of an effort involving some process and technique . The result here can be repeated following the same technique and process. We know that enlightenment has no such sure technique and process and cannot be repeated the same way using the same techniques. Had this been so, the world should have been different after so much of spiritual literature by the incarnations..

(c) Enlightenment is a state of Consciousness. When we say its a "state " this, in itself suggests that it is subject to change.. What is now(be) but was not so earlier !!.. and which will not be the same in future..!!

(d) This is in agreement with the one and only eternal truth : "Everything in the cosmos is Dynamic.. ever changing" Consciousness when manifested as life (be it in any great Guru) is subject to change of state because of its own interaction with the environment (everything around it).

(d) As soon as we try to make it static; it loses its prime property of consciousness..

Thus, I believe that enlightenment is being experienced by everyone in flashes..

However, we are not ready to take pain of waiting for another occurrence for indefinite time. We want to formulate a system so that it become secured.. We want something to cling.. We are conditioned to hold things.. That's why we keep on trying to embed this flashes.

Everyone gets enlightened but only vocal spiritualists know the art of manipulation.. Then the disciples create an emotional bond on their (once enlightened) Master.. and the Master cannot say that now he is no more in that state... He has to maintain the faith of the disciples and the fame of the doctrine or Ashram..

Let me share a story from Buddha's life.

When Bhagwan Buddha attained Gyaan, the Devatas appeared in the sky and showered flowers over him..However, they were shocked to see that Buddha himself was offering Shastang Pranam by laying flat on the ground in all the directions turn by turn..They ultimately asked :

"Bhagwan.. you are one amongst millions who can attain this status.. attaining Gyan while being in physical body is in deed very rare. and we feel you don't need to offer prananms to any one now.." "We just don't understand to whome you are showing reverence..?"

To this, Bhagwan replied :

"My attaining Gyan, is not my personal achievement"

I salute and show gratitude to all those who lived the earth before my birth..because I have learned from them.

I salute and show gratitude to all who are living with me .. the people, the birds..the trees and the stars..!!

I also salute to the people who will be there in future..!!"

How come, you need to show gratitude for the people who are yet to be in existence..? - asked the Devatas..

"I have to have Gyan..at this point of time because, the people who are yet to come in future are destined to live in the life after a person like me lives prior to them..!! They have qualified themselves to live in an era where a buddha should have attained Gyaan..!!"

Thus, anyone getting Enlightened, the enlightenment cannot be one's personal attainment nor it can remain so for all the time. What one is today, is just a sum total of one's 'ought to be' such and such..at the particular point of time. The state of being has to change to be compatible to those who interact with the being.