Over The Rainbow - by Ocean

I've been in the Gulf of Mexico now since almost the first day of the oil gush explosion.
This has been the hardest time in my life, seeing the suffering all around me.
The feeling of hopelessness has permeated everywhere, and the massive tragedies to innocent beings is unprecedented.
I feel so blue so often, and so helpless, that I long for a Utopian refuge, like in the song, "Over The Rainbow", and yet, just like in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, I realize that the true Utopian Paradise has been, all along, right here, in Nature.
Yes, the simple things of life are the dearest, and the best things in life are free.
This is the lesson that, too late, most Americans are learning, I hope.
That if they allow corporate greed to get in the way of protection of our very fragile environment, then all the money in the world cannot repair even a tiny part of the natural world that God had provided us with.
We really did live in the Garden of Eden, and the worst among us have ruined it.
Unless we all combine to stop them, the sociopaths among us will only destroy our world even more.
Lobby your leaders.
Write letters.
And mostly - avoid buying stock in corporations that will despoil our planet.
Instead, invest in green companies, and even better - donate when you have enough.
No one needs two homes.
No one needs to live lavishly.
The natural world provides beauty in abundance that is accessible to all.
Please help any way you can.
Remembering that we live in the most, in the only beautiful world there is, and that without wild places and wildlife, life would be meaningless and ugly should remind you to do something every day to help.

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