Meditize - How To Meditate - Article by Ocean


To meditate it is not necessary either to sit, to breathe certain ways, or
to follow rules.

To meditate can be just communing with Nature o­n a walk, or having a loving

It is drawing closer to the Source, the Almighty, the Great Spirit, and aligning
one’s soul with the Creative All.

Some walk in prayer, in prayerful meditation, and some must use complicated
rituals to achieve this same state.

Next time you view a gorgeous sunset or watch a hummingbird in joyful fascination,
realize that you are meditating.

Next time you pray protection around your favorite animal specie, as you
join others in protecting that animal or plant, (visit DActivist and save
some!), remember that you are giving attention to Love and giving your own
inner generated helpfulness in meditation to that group of fellow beings.

Medtitize. That is, spend more and more time in loving contemplation, and
allow the Force of Love to flow through you.

It heals and bestows Love o­n you as you allow it to flow through your body.

Love. Give. Meditize. Healize.

Yoga Mermaid