VIBEnet - Vision and Innovation in Biology Education


An OLT-funded project with the aim of creating a national identity and network (VIBEnet) of university biology teachers - priorities include:
  • Developing a set of Biology Threshold Learning Outcomes
  • Mentoring the next generation of Biology teachers
  • Creating a Vision and Innovation statement to reflect our collective understanding about the direction of the biological curriculum.


By consultation and collaboration (through a series of national Workshops - first Workshop on June 15) with university biology teachers around Australia to:

  • Develop an integrated plan for the priorities in tertiary biology education
  • Develop an integrated vision for the knowledge and skills essential to the study of Biology
  • Make collective decisions about the direction and vision of the biological curriculum
  • Work together to shift the focus away from textbook-driven curricula towards question-driven inquiry learning
  • Develop a national system to mentor and train future biology educators