Chainrings Viavelo

These chainrings are specified for cyclerace and sports cycling. They are produced from alloy of aluminium 7075 T6511.
This perfect material warrants long service life because of its structure.
The proof of long service life is visible on the wear cogs and this isn´t comparable with same products of known brands.
The service life of Viavelo cogs is higher than other. Surface form of anodizing is in colours of silver, red, black and blue.
From in-side of chainring there is the edge for better  design. It’s possible to produce them in every usable dimension and size.

Ultra light cassette Viavelo

This cassette is specified for cyclerace or sports cycling for long route.
Big preference of this cassette is its weight (which is 125g/12 – 25 cogs).
This cassette is produced from material 7075 T6511, the surface form of anodizing is in colours of titan, red, silver and black.
Especially titanium design guarantees high surface hardness and it means long service life and wear resistance too.
It´s possible to use the Chain Shimano or Campagnolo SUPER REKORD where the diameter of cylinders is 7,60 mm.
Cassettes are compatible with products Shimano and Campagnolo.

They exist in these parameters:
 11 speed 11-23 11-25 11-21 
 10 speed 12-23 12-25 12-27 11-20

NEW 2016

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