Via Mia TV

world brought into your home... Via Mia!

I am proud to present "Via Mia", a 1/2 hour talk show that I have been hosting / producing for eight seasons.

A good friend of mine has always called me "multi-faceted." Trying to cover every spot and its angle of my purpose of being around, I am here to talk and to listen.

And it this one-on-one talk show, I love to welcome people who are passionate about what they do, where they've been and where they're going.  Each guest brings a unique, West Coast perspective on the vast world we live in.
From local legends to newsmakers and from normal to paranormal. 

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE ViaMia SHOW.....Randy Charach, the hypnotist has managed our Executive producer, Rick Valiant to forget his name during a brief hypnosis ...