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Susan Kovacs and Mia will be opening the big show with their new act called AbbaTime.
The headliner is RICK VALIANT a Frank Sinatra Tribute performer, who will be hosting and performing during the Event. 
Rick is preparing a beautiful presentation for the late classical icon, Frank Sinatra, who would have been 100 years old on this day.
AbbaTIme, the dynamic duo are excited to open this fantastic event.
For more information on the show:

Mia became her Dad's protege at the age of 5, accompanying him, her idol, for numerous entertaining tours. This significantly carved out a new path and was the beginning of her diverse future.


Performing on the stage as five year old for the first time, she won first prize for the singing recital, which she shared with her Dad.


As time went by, Mia built strong attraction to two unique voices; One belonged to Agnetha, a female singer from the ABBA band. Since the age of 9, the ABBA songs were particularly inspirational for this little girl from Bratislava. Without skills of the English language, she expanded her music interest by phonetically writing their songs in order to be able to sing them. About that time, the purity of another voice grasped Mia's attention. It was the one of Karen Carpenter ,which furthered her drive to later entertain other with her own voice.

Presently, she combines her two passions; hosting / producing her TV talk shows and her singing. Performing in and out of Vancouver makes her life complete :) 

Here are few recordings / clips, but more about Mia as a singer can be found on


This song was written and performed by Freddie Mercury. I fell in love with it the day I heard it first time. And here, I had a chance to not only record it, but also perform live at the Columbia Theater, New Westminster.

YouTube Video

Growing up with ABBA was the best what could happen to me :)

YouTube Video

I have done some duets; this one with RICK VALIANT, the Frank Sinatra tribute artist

YouTube Video

And this one is an original tune, my friend Victor composed it for me

YouTube Video

Another precious tune belonged to QUEEN

YouTube Video

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC; Probably my signature song :)

YouTube Video


early in 2015, Mia formed a duo with another singer, Susan Kovacs, performing songs of ABBA with the original distinctive sound of their voices and presentation.