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About Mia

Today, Mia hosts and produces her own TV show called “The Via Mia Show”, broadcasting from a local Vancouver TV station, SHAW TV,. Each show features a new topic and a new guest. They are chosen in a way so as to provide diversity and versatility. 

The discussion isn’t meant to be confrontational, although exploring different views, opinions and experience can certainly be exploritory.

Mia Presently residing in Vancouver Canada, started her foundation in entertainment in her home of country Czechoslovakia, present day Slovakia. A monumental impact on Mia was her Dad,
Milan Markovic a radio/TV show host, composer, journalist, screen writer and actor. 
Mia became his protege at the age of 5, accompanying him, her idol, for numerous entertaining tours. This significantly carved out a new path and was the beginning of her diverse future.
Performing on the stage at five years old for the first time, Mia won first prize for the singing recital.

As time went by, Mia built strong attraction to music. At the age of 9, the ABBA songs were particularly inspirational for Mia. But without skills of the English language, she expanded her music interest by phonetically writing their songs in order to be able to sing them. About that time, the purity of another voice grasped Mia's attention. It was the one of Karen Carpenter ,which furthered her drive to later entertain other with her own voice. 

   To sample some of Mia's song recordings visit her site here at www.miamusic.net
As an adult, Mia also gained fame as a writer and author. Just prior to immigrating to Canada, she exercised this new and previously undiscovered, hidden talent to write. Strongly influenced by her father's life, she wrote a "Best Seller” book, about his life. “BEING THERE” (OR WHO IS MILAN MARKOVIC). Fifty thousand copies were sold out within five short months.

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