To whom it might concern (letter to Shaw TV, May,3rd 2013)

By chance I came across one program (Via Mia) on YouTube. After watching most of the programs I feel a desire to praise the programs and in particularly the host, Mia (last name?).

The World is full of horrible (talk) shows with fake or manipulated audience and self-important hosts who think they are funny and God´s gift to mankind.


For me it´s incredible that people want to waste their time watching this kind of shows.

 The VIA MIA shows give the audience (at least me) the feeling of relaxation, presence and curiosity. Yes; she talks – of course. But she talks soft, clear, and SLOWLY (I hate fast-speed-talking-people) with a little bit of humour. AND; at the same time she doesn´t forget who is the important person: THE GUEST. She lets her guests speak – she lets them tell US what they have to say – she lets them bring their message.
I noticed a few examples where she led a nervous guest back on the track in a very discreet way.
MIA is soft, smiling, listening in her attitude, and she is not afraid of 2 seconds of silence. These small moments which give the audience time for reflection.

We can call her shows: Thoughtful television!

How I wish it was possible to find TV shows like VIA MIA in my country.
I hope you will pass on my appreciation to Miss Mia
and tell her that I am looking forward to finding more of her shows online.

Best regards;
Peter Pedersen,Denmark, Europe
On ViaMia with Laurel Phelan, regression therapist/author):

Mia, I watched  your show  with Laurel and it's great! You do have a wonderful presence and a real confidence about you. Wish I could give you more constructive feedback, but what I can say is great job so far, keep it up!

Crosby McWilliam, promotions director Astral radio, Richmond BC



On ViaMia with Rick Valiant, tribute artist with a unique life story:

Another fascinating individual to bring something to the show, that is real for so many people and to illustrate what and how Rick did to change his life is so valuable for your audience and show people whether they themselves who have this addiction or friends, relatives who do.

Mia excellent research, congratulations once again!

Ernie Psebinsky, hospitality industry



On ViaMia with James Johnstone, house historian:

I had a wonderful time... You really take extra care to make sure your guests are prepared and comfortable. It was my best TV interview experience to date. Thank YOU!

James Johnstone (the guest)



Thanks for the shows, you are, in my word, "a force to be reckoned with" OR in my new communication "feminine power"

Dr. Gloria McArter, certified Canadian counsellor (ViaMia guest)




On ViaMia with Laurel Phelan:

Your Laurel show was your best so far, looking good, nice and simple

Robert Batyi



On ViaMia with Jeffrey Armstrong:

Nice interview style and good questions Mia! Nice overview of relationship with Jeffrey Armstrong. While you may have reviewed what you were going to cover, I liked the flow and the overview, and your particular questions to help provide the overview and examples as given by Jeffrey. This helps people to understand.                                                                                                                               Your energy has a feminine nature and hence it feels less than an interview...but a conversation.

Rita Britnell, Emotional Intuitive - Harmony Healing Centre



On ViaMia with Tommy Transit:

I saw the show on U-tube and it was excellent.  I was not near as nervous as I originally thought I was at the time.  You have a gift for putting me (and all your guests) at ease and it makes for a much smoother interview.  Great job. - hugs, I am very grateful to you Mia for all your assistance to get the book and it's message out into the world. Thank you so much. I felt stiff and nervous at the beginning I warmed to your gentle fun nurturing ways in conversation.  You are a master at what you do and it was a pleasure to sit with you

Tommy Transit (the guest)



thanks Mia,  you are an attractive and charming hostess.  I hope you can have me back again.

Dorian Blinko, credit counsellor (ViaMia guest)



On ViaMia with Jeffrey Armstrong:

This show is really good!  Great guest!!  Much more “animated” than the lady last week and just a super topic. Getting better and better each week!  Prime time soon!!




Thanks for the opportunity! I enjoyed the show! I would watch it again! No not just the episode with me, but I like the host and the passionate people she presents...
Talk soon
Dr. Gordon Paterson, chiropractor/sports injury specialist (ViaMia guest)





For years I have been looking for an entertainment online, which will also provide a certain amount of knowledge. I almost gave up; until, about 5 months ago, I was pointed out by my friend on YouTube, to a show produced at your station.

The show VIA MIA has been filling 1/2 hour a week of my life now.

The host - Mia Zimmerman gives the impression, she is sitting with her guest in a living room. She is pleasant, very natural, spontaneous and quite comfortable with the imperfections, which makes her - "one of us".

 I tried to find, out, whether this is the only show of that kind on Shaw. And to my unpleasant surprise, Shaw is the only Vancouver station that can offer to the locals such unique refreshment! All other channels broadcast syndicated shows, or none.

  The entertainment these days is full of anger, violence, sex and competing. It's very sad and I feel bad to be part of the era. After seeing VIA MIA, I can see, we still have a chance to have fun and to learn in a sophisticated level.

Thank you for your time and thank you for the VIA MIA show.

 Niki Roger, Toronto


 On  upcoming ViaMia with Dr. Perhez Jaffer

It was so exciting for me, to see you in your element.  You don't like to be called a star, but you sure did shine brightly.

Bonnie Allen, Office manager at Heights Medical and Laser Centre, Burnaby, BC.


It was a great experience for me. You and your excellent crew made me feel very confident and comfortable.

Rico Bondi, owner of Libra Room Café on Commercial Drive (ViaMia guest)






Thanks, Mia again so much for helping me market myself.  I really enjoyed the interview.  You do a great job.  
Greg Kettner, corporate comedian (ViaMia guest)

I just wanted to thank you once more for allowing me to be a part of your 4th season of hosting the Via Mia Show.  I enjoyed meeting you again and also meeting some of the crew with which you work.  This experience, for me, was beyond my expectations.  Thanks again.

Bob Parsons, owner / operator of Bob's Party Bar (ViaMia Guest)


 I enjoyed a lot doing the show with you, Mia. You are so easy going, engaging, and approachable that it was so natural for me just to follow your lead. Your questions were really good and you really made me feel relaxed as we were chatting among friends.

Dr. Miguel Angel Aviles-Galan, professor of history and languages (ViaMia Guest)


 You are so persevering and dedicated to what you do - I see you are a force that is unstoppable.  

Georgia Nicols, Canada's Finest Astrologer (ViaMia Guest)


 It was so great to be a talk show host yesterday - I really appreciate you giving me that opportunity! 

You are so gracious and kind and meeting you has been the highlight of my entire year. 




Thank you so much for having us on your show yesterday it's such a nice thing you do for these animals! 




I had a lot of fun yesterday! Thank you for creating a very friendly atmosphere throughout the interview. I felt really comfortable