Male Impotence

Males have for centuries hidden their lack of sexual prowess. Inability to reproduce makes the involved women tainted when it is a fact that women are better armed than men in sexual matters. With men, there are common errors of penile judgment. They cannot keep their penis erect. They cannot time the sperm ejaculation at will. These are huge handicaps for a smooth sexual life. This frequently leads to females looking for other partners, especially in the West.

Erectile Dysfunction or Male Impotence may be caused by hormonal imbalance, lack of Serotonin secretion, Diabetes, heart problems, prostrate problems, financial, emotional stresses and love for alcohol and tobacco. It ensures that the penis does not stand the test of time, like most defective gadgets. There is no pleasure obviously for the women in playing with a flaccid penis. Even substantial arousals fail to keep it erect for longer durations.

This is mainly because the blood flow into the penis is not up to scratch. The penis may also not dilate due to lack of Nitric Oxide presence. This reduces the fertility rate immensely although that may be questioned when one concerns the Herculean rise of population on the Earth.

A few chemical remedies have been formulated over the last two decades. They work on the same premise and increase the blood flow. There is also an insertion of zinc that is known to heighten sexual prowess. Viagra, by miles, is the most renowned remedy for Erectile Dysfunction. Levitra and Cialis are other chemical cures.

Their side-effects prove to be their undoing. They cause permanent problems to chest, heart and even food habits. This has caused consternation in the medical fraternity and they have looked on course for treatments free of side effect. They have mixed and matched many herbal extracts to get the desired result. After sizable trials and errors, they have come out with two precious herbal drugs; namely VigaPlus and CaliPlus.

The pair has proved its merit and bolstered the defunct penises with strength and agility. Fertility and premature ejaculation gets automatically treated. Penis is erect for up to a mammoth four hours ensure high-energy sex. Men who could not last minutes in bed can take more than a couple partners together and make them moan.

Male impotence is due to less pro-active Corpus Cavernus, the upper chambers of penis. Their veins do not get significant flow of blood and thus they stoop to normal level pretty fast. VigaPlus and CaliPlus tend to these chambers by egging sex glands to produce more Serotonin. Their premier ingredient L’Arginine increases Nitric oxide formation. Tribulus Terrestris produces more androgens and there is great rush of adrenaline (the instant energy providing hormone) through Mucuna Pruriens.

Niagra and VigaPlus are non-prescription medicines. Two capsules per day for half a year give great result. They can be bought in bulk through their official sites. There is a whole time customer care dedicated to answer sexual queries and receive grievances.

Thanks to VigaPlus and CaliPlus, universal manhood should again be resurrected pretty fast.

Say NO to male impotence with VigaPlus and CaliPlus!

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