Impotence Herbs
Male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is far more common than most people tend to
believe – primary impotence affects 10% of the sexually active male population and the percentage of men that have had problems achieving or maintaining erection at least once in their lives is close to 90%.

And even though the causes are still being greatly debated, during the recent years many new treatments have been developed, older ones vastly improved and the use of impotence herbs has been proved to be highly effective by various clinical studies.

During the past few years we have witnessed the explosion of synthetic drugs that are being sold online or offline, but one should be aware of the fact that although many of these drugs can be of great help, they are often associated with side effects that can range from mild to severe. The one and only natural alternative are the impotence herbs.

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Herbs for impotence have been used around the globe for thousands of years, but in many cases their effectiveness was debated by medical professionals due to the fact that in most countries these impotence herbs are not subjected to the same strict control as the synthetic drugs.

Well, the truth is that some scientific studies have already been conducted and proven that these natural remedies actually do help cure the erectile dysfunction. One such study was conducted on the use of the bark of the evergreen African tree yohimbe and its use as an impotence herb. It has been used as an aphrodisiac by the natives of the African countries where it grows for a long time and is now approved by the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

First of all you should understand that impotence might be caused by various physical conditions and disorders like liver and kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, prostate surgery, high blood pressure and others, which have be treated in order to get back your erection. If you experience erectile dysfunctions you should always consult with a qualified medical practitioner and undertake the recommended treatment, but you should also discuss the possibility of using impotence herbs.

Another thing to remember is that these herbs for impotence are in general much safer and with less side effects that the pharmaceutical drugs, however, you should always take them as directed – even drinking excessive amount of water can damage your health, let alone any sort of medication.

One of the advantages of using an alternative impotence treatment is that taking impotence herbs can be done in conjunction with a better, healthier diet and lifestyle. Many medical professionals recommend eating fresh, unprocessed food, avoidance of sugar, caffeine, dairy and refined food, drinking of sufficient amounts of water, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Another difference between the synthetic drugs like Viagra and most herbal pills is that even though the former tends to act extremely fast it is usually only a short-term solution – you pop a pill and in less than half an hour you can have a great erection. The herbs on the other hand, are great longer-term solution and even though no drugs, natural or otherwise, can cure male impotence completely, they are a great erectile dysfunction treatment.

How to choose the herbal pills and how to spot the false claims – you should always do your homework when it comes to your health. Make sure that the drugs’ effectiveness is backed by scientific research; make sure that the pill or the solution contains exactly what it claims – if in doubt, talk to a pharmacist or your doctor. Read online and educate yourself about the possible side effects and avoid using natural remedies that are prepared from more than one impotence herb.

What are some of the better known and proven to work impotence herbs today? VigaPlus, CaliPlus  are some of the names that you might be familiar with and they work in a similar fashion as many of the pharmaceutical drugs by improving the circulation of blood in the erectile tissues, which in turns leads to sustainable erection. These natural impotence remedies actually work almost immediately – the effect is visible in fifteen to thirty minutes form the taking of the capsules.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction go for a thorough medical examination – once serious physical diseases or severe mental disorders have been ruled out, you can discuss with your doctor the use of medication.

Remember that the impotence herbs are great alternative to the more expensive and causing various side effects synthetic drugs.

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