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Chapter 4 Wealth


Wealth and wellbeing are being seen as strongly related. We are tought to believe that the wealthier we are, the better will be our wellbeing. Our society is completely driven by economic and monitary forces and the relationship between wealth and wellbeing seems to have become a self fulfilling prophecy. There are however strong signals that this interconnectivity is based on wrong assumptions.

The two brothers discuss the state of our wealth and how that has changed since 2015. They see how unsustainable  the monetaire and fiscal system appeared to be. How the old economic and monetary system was based on continuous growth and thereby implicitely creating a widening of the wealth gap. How the old pension system was bound to collapse.

They also discuss the changing businessmodels as a result of internet and globalisation and how the role of the middleman was diminished.

And finally in this chapter they discuss the global changes in world trade with a shift towards a more regional focus.

Whatch this Youtube playlist with items covering:
  • Simon Anholt's the good country index, 
  • The social progress index by Michael Green
  • A rethinking of business concepts by Philip Evans
  • Paul Piff: Does money make you mean?
  • RSA's Kate Raworth on Growth.

Other references to this chapter are: