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Chapter 6 Technology


Technological development is the domain of the younger brother Dave. He describes a broad range of developments that have effected our food production and distribution, the urbanisation, transport and distribution systems, energy supply, engineering and the bio-medical arena.

Some of his findings are that there is enough food on earth, but the challenge was to address a fair distribution and also a reduction of it's ecological footprint. The challenge of fifty years ago “How to feeding nine billion people" seems to be succesful.

Other major technological achievements are realised in the restructuring and living conditions in urban area's. And also on reinventing transport and distribution methods in such a way that the global footprint will be minimized.

Engineering developments are described in the chapter with specific attention to the area of energy supply and medicine.

This last topic on medicine brings the discussion of the two brothers back to the moral and ethical side of all these new developments. This will be the input for their encounter in the next and last chapter.

Whatch this Youtube playlist on solutions for a global food crisis, the use of technology in the food sector and the role of food engeneering and GMO.

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