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Chapter 1 Nothing is what it seems to be (part 1)

Nothing is what it seems to be

In this first chapter the two brothers discover how different from each other they appear to be. Their completely different interpretations of  the impact of the big changes so far in the 21st century becomes evident straight away in the first chapter.

The youngest of the two is a scientist specialized in Artificial Intelligence. He gives a lecture to his brother about the broad context in which Artificial Intelligence has te be seen. He explains that it is much more than the extension of the human brain and certainly not a creepy subject. The broader picture is necessary to fully understand the merits of Artificial Intelligence. It is fuelled by  Big Data coming from virtually endless sources. These sources are so immense because mankind has stretched the reach of our natural five senses. Nearly everything can be measured and will be measured. Subsequently very clever algorithms and enormous processing power enable Artificial Intelligence as it is in 2065.

It becomes obvious that the elder brother is deeply concerned about these developments, whereas the younger one is enthusiastic about all the blessings Artificial Intelligence is bringing to mankind. He believes that the moral responsibility of  scientists will guarantee proper application of all these blessings.The eldest brother worries about the orchestration of humanity's future, which is running out of hand. The "engineered social society" has become a product of machines. An unprecedented leap in human evolution.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter ,  
"Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make." says Nick Bostrom
"Will our smart machines help to preserve humanity and our values — or will they have values of their own?"