"2065" the book


The essay "2065 - a viable new world" is about major changes that may take place in the next 50 years. The story is one scenario out of many, but doesn't belong to the science ficion category. All the major changes described are possible occurencies that may take place in the upcoming half a century. This part of the website highlights the 7 chapters of the book. The purpose is to raise awareness and  to initiate discussion on the disruptive changes we will encounter. Statements will hopefully trigger this awareness and initiate the debate.

  1. Nothing is what it seems to be (1). "And Men created God"  Is humanity orchestrating change? Are we creating other super intelligent species through Artificial Intelligence? How is (virtual) extention of our sences and big data enabling these developments?.

  2. Shifting Powers. How will power shift on a geo-political scale? How will it be influenced by technology and open communication? Do we make progress on "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité"?

  3. The Great 2033 Revolution. The world economy collapses, repression, ressentiment, migrations and unempoyment will lead to a major world wide revolution. How will mankind raise from this near apocalypse?

  4. Wealth. How sustainable wil the monetaire system be? And our pension system? And the fiscal system? And the wealth gap? And what about the changing business models through blockchain technology? And how will global trade develope?

  5. Well-being. Developments and changes in health and education will be major. So will be the cultural changes and awareness for sustainability.

  6. Technology. A broad range of developments will effect our food production and distribution,, The urbanisation, transport- and distributionsystems, energy supply, engeneering and the bio-medical arena

  7. Nothing is what it seems to be (2). The moral, ethical an religious impact of all changes and in particular of the fenominal rise of Artifical Intelligance will become the next major challenge for human mankind.

All refferences from the book


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