Introduction - Policies-Operations-Procedures Manual

Policies-Operations-Procedures Manual


This document, known as the VIAAA Policies-Operations-Procedures Manual (POP Manual), has been developed to act as a guide for members of the Board of Directors.  It is the hope of the VIAAA that this manual will answer any and all questions concerning the organization.


The VIAAA Board of Directors main functions include planning, policy making, and implementation of Annual Meeting responsibilities, executive and managerial functions, and appraisal, consideration, or evaluation in the best interest of the total membership.

In making plans, policies and procedures to harmonize with the VIAAA By-laws, this manual will provide guidance and direction to the Board of Directors and others who are charged with fulfilling the purposes of the Association.

The VIAAA By-laws and the actions of the Legislative Council place specific administrative and managerial responsibilities on the Board of Directors, as well as on the legislative, administrative, and managerial process of the membership.