Gloryland Baptist Church Sunday School

  Our new Sunday school class is going to be a verse by verse study of the book of Isaiah. This book consists of 66 chapters and is the largest major prophet book in the bible. This book consists of a lot of historical and prophetical information concerning the nation of Israel as well as some practical application for us in the church age. Prophetical references to both the 1st and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ as well as references to the Millennial earth and the new heavens and new earth are found in this book. In order to hear these lessons click on the file block in the Link section below and then open the file to listen to it or download it to you computer to save and listen to later.

    We will do Isaiah in three parts, when one part is finished I will remove it and start on the next part. The three parts is listed below:

Isaiah Volume I consisting of chapters 1-22
Isaiah Volume II consisting of chapters 23-44
Isaiah Volume III consisting of chapters 45-66
    We have verse by verse studies of the 12 Minor Prophets books available. If you would like to have them they are recorded in five volumes costing $20.00 per volume. ($25.00 if ordered by mail) Each volume and it's contents are listed below:

Volume I consisting of the book of Hosea
Volume II consisting of the books of Joel and Amos
Volume III consisting of the books of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah and Nahum
Volume IV consisting of the books of Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai and Malachi
Volume V consisting of the book of Zechariah

 If you have any questions about our lessons or would like to purchase them, contact me at

Note: I have started teaching Isaiah in Sunday school at church since we went back. I will continue putting the classes on this page when I get to where we left off below. 

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Bible study classes (h) Isaiah 4:2-4:6 
Bible study classes (g) Isaiah 3:13-4:1 
Bible study classes (f) Isaiah 3:1-3:13 
Bible study classes (e) Isaiah 2:6-2:22 
Bible study classes (d) Isaiah 2:1-2:6 
Bible study classes (c) Isaiah 1:25-1:31 
Bible study classes (b) Isaiah 1:6-1:25 
Bible study classes (a) Isaiah 1:1-1:5 
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