Debora Holliday

Good Morning Ladies,


I want to encourage those of you who are just starting out in homeschooling, or somewhere in the middle, and perhaps are discouraged or having a difficult day.  Like Deb, my second daughter just graduated, in fact she graduated this past Friday. 


Sunday morning while I was in church service, worshipping the Lord, I felt tired from all the preparations and emotions, however I also experienced the Lord's presence over me in the form of a deep peace and a lightness in my heart.  It was not always an easy journey, there were difficult days, days of tears, difficult students & difficult people along the way.  However, there were also many days of laughter, joy, and sunshine.  One of my friends who does not homeschool and attended the graduation said to me that it was great that I was able to do this.  I tried on many occasions to let her know I did not do this, the Lord in me guided me.  Truly He did and He accomplished it! When I first started homeschooling I was so fearful and on many occasions I did not believe I could continue.  But there I was Sunday morning, at the end of it, and while I was worshipping the Lord, I sensed a smile in my soul because I couldn't believe it.  The Lord had brought us through it all!


So for those of you who have just begun, don't think about how much time is before you and don't think about what you are not able to do.  Seek the Lord each day with all your heart, even if its a difficult day and all you have to offer are tears.  He will guide you, carry you, and bring you to the end and He will accomplish His plan.  Each journey is only fulfilled one day at a time, one step at a time.  Sufficient is today and offer it up to Him.  We are in good company, think about Noah, Joseph, Jacob, Esther, Ruth, and the list goes on.  None of them had an easy journey, but they did place their trust in the Lord who IS ABLE to accomplish every good thing.


Debora Holliday

Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry