3. How it works

Yes, here is the place with all the answers how to get Erasmus+ scholarship and what it takes. 
Here is the short presentation of the whole Erasmus+ internship process. Please also read the official document (in Lithuanian only) regulating Erasmus+ mobility at VGTU.

Check if you are eligible

There are very few criteria to check if you may apply for a scholarship to carry out internship abroad.

Erasmus+ Internship you will do abroad can be either embedded in your curriculum (part of your study programme), voluntary or after graduation.  

CV and Motivation letter

These documents are an obligatory part of starting your career! Please get in touh with VGTU Career Office for a personal advise (you need to make an appointment first) or attend one of CV and motivation letter writing sessions. You can also use tips which VGTU Career Office is sharing in this presentation

Find a company

Finding a company is the biggest challenge in the process of carrying out an internship abroad. Nevertheless, hundreds of students did find a company, so can you! VGTU IRO is helping students and shares some tips&tricks. Keep in mind, this is a time consuming process!!!

When you find the company and it says YES, there are two things you must take care about: 
1. Discuss with the company your traineeship programme - what will you do there and when exactly (best is to have it in written form); an then
2. Using the information from the company, fill the learning agreement and meet with your traineeship supervisor (in case of embedded practice, because later s/he will approve your traineeship) and/or Erasmus+ faculty coordinator for an interview and signature(s) on the learning agreement. 

The rules that apply here are as follows:
  • your traineeship must be relevant to what you study
  • the company must be in one of the Programme countries
  • it can be the same company you already did internship once
  • duration of the internship  must be minimum 2 months
  • scholarship is awarded for 2 months*
  • including current internship, the time you spend in Erasmus+ mobility throughout the cycle of your studies (bachelor or master or phd) must not exceed 12 months
  • those who do internship in the summer must finish on September 30 the latest
  • those who's traineeship period "crosses" the September 30 line will be funded from next academic year's budget
  • graduates can carry out (and finish) their traineeship in 12 months after receiving their diploma
  • students can apply for a scholarship only having signed learning agreement from the faculty AND the company, except graduates who apply for reserve list
  • you can apply for reserve list without having a company only if you graduate this year and you are a student while applying
  • applying for a scholarship does not necessarily mean you will be granted a scholarship
  • companies are aware that students may cancel internship agreement if they do not get a scholarship
*exceptions are possible under certain circumstances, f.e. when the company does not accept a student for a shorter period or is a very valuable place for future students, etc. It is possible to extend the scholarship if  VGTU budget for traineeships is underspent (info available in July of the year in question). 

Apply for a scholarship

Until we fully launch VGTU online application system, to apply for a scholarship you need to:
  1. Fill the application form in word, print, sign and scan it
  2. Fill the online application form (google form)
  3. Send scanned documents per e-mail (note how the documents must be titled): 
  • signed and scanned Application (App_Name Last name)
  • signed (you, faculty, company) and scanned Learning agreement (LA_Name Last name)
  • CV with your picture (CV_Name Last name)
  • Motivation letter (MOT_Name Last name)
  • Phd students must add list of publications
All templates are here. All documents must be in PDF format and titled appropriately!!! Documents with other titles will not be considered. Also ALL the documents must be attached again even though you have sent them earlier for any other reason. Even if you sent them yesterday. 

Once your application is processed by IRO staff, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you did not receive it in 5 working days after the deadline, contact IRO to double check. Always call if your traineeship starts very soon. We must process documents manually and that takes really long time.

The criteria for granting a scholarship are: academic achievements (positive results) and internship program (academic side is evaluated by Faculty coordinator and TSC for International Studies Center), language competence, problem solving skills and  motivation (evaluation at the interview). We will make a list of applicants and their scores and inform students about the outcomes. Students may object the evaluation results in 7 days after announcement. Don't forget - the rule is first come first serve. 

Higher priority is given to: 1) students willing to carry out obligatory internship; 2) first time participants in the programme; 3) phd students; 4) proactive students (found company by themselves, carry out wide extra curricula activities, ESN mentors, etc). Students who go to their home country (f.e. international students) have the lowest priority as the Erasmus+ programme is dedicated to mobility.

Students who cancelled their previous participation in the programme are listed at the end despite their evaluation score (yes, we have the black list). 

Get documents signed

When you are granted a scholarship, your responsibility is to have all relevant documents signed before leaving for an internship. Check the list here. Also you are responsible for organising the trip, finding a place to live, etc.

Start your internship!

Welcome to a new experience! Don't forget there are more documents you have to take care of once you arrive in the place of internship. Also keep in mind, that internship is not studies in the university where you may skip a lecture or two without getting noticed. It's a job and you must follow company's rules.

Should you need a change

When doing internship you have legal obligations against the company and the university but that does not mean things cannot be changed. They can if are appropriately documented

If you decide to change the training programme - you may do it within 1 month from starting your internship.

Most common changes are related to the duration of the internship (extending or shortening). Please note, you must inform IRO about your wish to extend the duration no later than 1 month before the end of your internship. Students may extend their internship with a grant if VGTU budget for internships that academic year is sufficient (can be known in July). If you decide to shorten the internship period - it must remain minimum 2 months. You also have the right to cancel the internship for personal reasons but in this case no costs will be covered even you spent 1 month and 29 days - you will have to pay all the money back. Cancelling the internship in any stage after submitting the application means the student will be included in the black list and have the lowest priority when participating in the Programme next time. Depending on the situation, IRO may decide to exclude you from further participation in the programme.

Get back home

Congratulations! That means you have successfully finished the internship and are on your way back home. We believe you thanked the people in the hosting company for the time they spent with you and efforts they made teaching you. Your behaviour during the internship opens or closes the doors to other VGTU students to carry out internship there. Now keep in mind you have a few more documents to take care of in order to have your internship approved and the rest of scholarship grant paid. We will publish soon the steps how to get Erasmus+ internship approved in the university for students and recent graduates. 

VGTU IRO is proud of you taking this step in your career! Please share your experience with us!

Legal note

Please keep in mind that Vilnius Gediminas Technical university does not charge any fees for participating in the Programme. The hosting company should not charge any administration fees either unless you have agreed beforehand.

If you object IRO decisions regarding your participation in Erasmus+ programme, please contact IRO to discuss the issue and hear the arguments. If you still disagree, you have the right to submit a formal dispute to Vice Rector for Strategic Partnership in 7 days after decision was made available to you.