Making It Fit To Print

Researching, Proof Reading and Editing Your Work

     The crust of it is;  if you like the way my web pages read, let me help you with your efforts! Good writing should be concise yet complete, interesting and descriptive.

     Doing researching, writing and editing for scores of years combined with  hard work in college, both undergraduate and graduate, have honed my skills. But I am still learning. President Lincoln once said " ...when a person ceases to learn, they die!"  

     Good proofing and effective editing can lift a manuscript from the average to outstanding. This is true for all forms of writing, from technical papers and essays to historical fiction and non fiction, or even your newsletter.  

     In addition to careers in journalism and education on both secondary and collegiate levels, there are other  related areas of experience in my vita. They include researching facts in American and European history for movie producers and screen play writers as well as fiction and non fiction writers. I have also worked as a technical consultant for several historically based movies.  The titles include: North-South, The Blue and The Gray, The Ironclads, Lincoln, Glory, and Gettysburg, as well as a few PBS programs. A yet to be released movie on Native Americans in post Civil War America is also on my list.  

     Currently I am producing calendars of historical and pictorial content about the Virginian railroad, which lost its identity when it merged with Norfolk & Western Railway in 1959.  The endevour is being successful in that it public acceptance has been very satisfying.  This work is a spin off of the three railroad books I have written. Also I have a manuscript that is awaiting a final edit. For now, it is titled, "Garland's Men, the Band Box Boys."  It has a new style, a new approach to delivering a story about life in a typical Virginia community spanning from the early 1800's to the end of the 19th century.

     Window shopping for the best way to polish your writing creation is a challenge.  Allow me the chance to make it a good shopping experience for you.

      Contact me by email ( or by USPS mail (535 Pine Drive, Lynchburg, Va., 24503-1214) to discuss your project.

Aubrey on the movie set with James Getty, who portrayed President Lincoln in the 1991 movie "Ironclads."  The movie received four Emmy nominations. In this movie, I was originally retained as a "technical expert" for presenting a correct military telegraph office scene in the White House in 1862. Becoming an extra was an added bonus.