The byline of articles, pictures and books

from 1958, to the present and into the future.

While still in high school in Lynchburg, Va., I convinced Mr. R. R. Horner, editor of the  prestigious Norfolk & Western Employee Magazine, to use my photographic work. This led to him giving me a pass and my spending many Saturdays riding N&W passenger trains, which were plentiful in the late 1950's. Starting about 1958, my pictures were in the magazine often.  While attending Ferrum College ( a two year college way back then) I worked on the school yearbook and had my work published there.  This led to my seeking a career in photojournalism upon graduation that lasted from 1963 to 1990.  During those years,published photographs, picture stories and articles numbered in the thousands and hundreds more were used by other newspapers and wire services resulting in my work being published in virtually every major daily paper in the country and most major newspapers, nationwide.  

My freelance work showed up in many magazines as well; Sports Illustrated, U.S.News & World Report and Life to name a few. My interest in railroads offered more opportunities. As the years passed like trains rushing by, the list includes Artciles in Trains Magazine starting in 1960, with Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman following, some as covers!  Multiple page articles appeared in Rail Classics Magazine. The articles, covers and pictures published in NMRA Bulletin Magazine numbered close to a hundred, I expect.

The first two books I worked on were ones I collaborated with Sue Honaker Stevenson, Appalachian Basketry and Primitive  Appalachian Furniture.

Next I  researched and produced with material from my personal collection a book with a railroad friend.  It was published in 19 and named The Norfolk & Western Handbook and saw three editions. The next book was The Southern Railway Handbook and the final one (so far) was on my favorite line, The Virginian Railway Handbook. All books were sold world wide and well received in the railfan and model railroad communities. Unfortunately, each has a couple mistakes, but I haven't seen a book yet that didn't have a  few mistakes.

Other publications have used my work as my interests broadened with my experience. Articles have appeared in historical journals, such as

Lynch's Ferry. Educational topics have been published while I was teaching and a manuscript has been accepted for publication; it awaiting my final proofing.  It's tentative title is Garland's Men, the Band Box Boys and it follows the development of local militia units, specifically the one formed by Samuel Garland, Jr. of Lynchburg.  


The most recent project involving a great deal of research and publishing attention has been the production of a railroad calendar specific to one railroad, the Virginian Railway Company, which merged with Norfolk & Western in 1959.  Locating pictures from a railroad that lost its identity nearly fifty years ago has been a challange! Researching the facts and writing them in an interesting way has been just as challenging. But it has been enjoyable for me; that is why I started it and that is why I continue doing it. I am fortunate to have met some very fine people who are willing to share their resources and their knowledge for this project to materialize.           

Aubrey in the engineer's seat of an N&W RS-3 diesel electric locomotive  as it switched cars on Island Yard about 1959.