Programs and Tours Available

Living the History of  Lynchburg,

across Virginia and America to Europe

with Aubrey Wiley


  • Foraging for Lynchburg's Civil War History
  • Experiencing Appomattox with Living History
  • The Battle of Lynchburg: Its Importance
  • The Battle of Staunton River Bridge: An Amazing Collection of "What-If's!"
  • Central Virginia's Transportation History
  • Back Roads of Europe

History Programs:

  • Understanding Stained Glass in Chirch Architecture
  • Finding Your Own Roots
  • Native Americans in Eastern America
  • Life of African Americans in Lynchburg and Central Virginia in the 19th and Early 20th Centries
  • Bacon's Rebellion - Why Didn't England Listen?
  • The Election That Tested the Constitution - 1860
  • Lynchburg's Band Box Boys: A History of the Men of the 11th Virginia in the Civil War
  • Experiencing Appomattox with First Hand Accounts
  • The Battle of Lynchburg: Its Importance
  • The Battle of Staunton River Bridge: An amazing Collection of "What-If's!"
  • Central Virginia's Transportation History
  • Pre Civil War Virginia
  • Post Civil War Virginia
  • Early Coal Mining and Railroads in West Virginia
  • FRD, the President Who Brought Respect to the White House again

Virtually any period in American and European history may be chosen for a program

Railroad Programs:

  • Central Virginia Railfanning from the late 1950s to now
  • Short Line Railroads in Central Virginia
  • Coalfield Warriors and Coalfield Partners: VGN, C&O and N&W

Color railroad slides from a personal collection from fifty years ago to the present are available for presentation.

Meet Aubrey Wiley:

 Historian, Tour Guide and Lecturer


A native of Lynchburg, Aubrey grew up in the Federal Hill Historic District of Lynchburg. He attended the city’s schools and earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lynchburg College. His teaching background includes secondary and collegiate levels.  Aubrey has  been a member of numerous historical organizations, having served positions of leadership in most, local, state, regional, national and international.  Having authored three books and dozens of periodical articles, he has another nearly completed book manuscript for publication. He is often invited to speak, lecture or demonstrate historical themes to groups and organizations located all over eastern United States on a wide range of historical topics. Widely known and well-respected history teacher and author, Aubrey Wiley can become your guide and your teacher!   His knowledge was gleaned by probing into materials from the time (primary sources); personal letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, census records, and court records from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Benefit from the years of research he has done.


His resume includes stints as technical consultant and extra in history related movies, both for the screen and television.  Doing living history impressions is a favorite activity and his knowledge and abilities portray characters spans from the 18th  through the 20th centuries.  Numerous awards and other forms of national recognition have come his way because of his research and classroom teaching from such groups as the Organization of American Historians, the Council of Native Americans and the National Civil Rights Memorial. 


London 2001  (Ireland,   Wales,  Scotland, England Tour)      Paris 2002 (France, Switzerland Tour)


Foraging for Lynchburg’s Civil War History  with Aubrey Wiley

 ~~  The Tour ~~

Our tour starts with an introduction to national events of the period and how they affected Lynchburg, and in turn, how Lynchburg affected national events.  The Battle of Lynchburg is presented in the same manner, from personal accounts.  And finally peace comes, but not without a huge price and a large amount of anxiety. The years following the Civil War saw the people gathering up the fragments of their lives.  This often forgotten time is discussed and analyzed for clues from the past as the people of central Virginia turned from their glorious past to search for their future.   In general, the time frame covered is from 1859 through 1870. 


A unique opportunity is available to not only hear the facts of Lynchburg during the Civil War, but to learn of the people of central Virginia.  This history tour stresses the personalities, dreams, and heartbreak of ordinary people who did extraordinary things as they faced the turbulent times and events of the period before, during and after the Civil War.  Being a leading city of wealth in America during the mid-nineteenth century, Lynchburg was a community under the microscope.  See and hear examples of how life was for the leaders who would influence and mold the destiny for the area, thereby affecting the commonwealth of Virginia and the nation.  Feel the emotions of the citizens as they dealt with the changes  life forced on them.


  In the comfort and convenience of your vehicle, he will direct the tour to several destinations where his skill as a storyteller will bring history alive.  The tour visits the homes and often the graves of many people whose own lives shaped the culture of the area.  It is not, however, a tour of home interiors.  Other sites are visited where important events occurred.  Weather permitting, at each stop the group will enjoy the out of doors during the presentation and subsequent discussions, then return to the vehicle for travel to the next area.


This highly acclaimed and popular tour is available for a range of groups; from a single individual, to a family, to a van full of interested persons, to a charter bus on tour.  The tour length can be adjusted to the time you have available, from three and half-hours to all day.  A stop for lunch is planned for longer itineraries.  The pace is leisurely and interaction is encouraged.  Take this opportunity to make history come alive and to make it personal!


Take this unique step to tour with and  experience the storyteller doing what he enjoys doing most, discussing and learning about the history of central Virginia.

Certificates of tour participation are available for recertification points for Virginia teachers.


Call or email for date availability and rates.   Call 434.386.2226 or send an email to:  AWiley43@aol. com.