Charlotte and Aubrey enjoy home and travel during all seasons. We hope you will share our joy.

At a music store in Mt. Airy, NC, Charlotte found a banjo which dates to circa 1880. It came from a home just over the Virginia state line .   Right: When the audience is deaf, we sound just fine!

  In May 2007, we  went with daughetr Amy to the bridal shower for Monique  and son Brad in D.C.


Afterward we toured the Arboretum and later Charlotte rested on the Metro.

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 Look at the smiles! L-R:  Chris Gwaltney and Bernitta Gwaltney, Charlotte's brother and Mom, with Charlotte and Aubrey in 2006 during a visit to Indiana.

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Marriage License time for Charlotte and Aubrey. The July wedding day is coming!

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 Here are a Few Favorite Scenes we have loved together.

Nag's Head, NC sunset in September 2006.

 Hues of blue at Plum Point, near Brad's home at Chesapeake Beach, Md.

in March 2006.

A picnic sunset at Pleasant View, Va., Amherst County, Va. in 2006.

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Some of our July 5, 2007 wedding guests. The ceremony was at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, Lynchburg, Va.

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January 2007 gave us the closest we'd come to a snow storm . This sleet coating lasted only for a few hours. Callie the calico and Katie like to sit in the bedroom bay window. Katie is 14 weeks old in this 2006 picture. Cricket and sister Katie are not yet a year old in this 2007 picure.


This Trout Lily blooming in the Fern Garden is one of over 65 varieties of wildflowers found at our home, either in the yard or back along one of the trails in the woods.   In November 2006 we participated in a funeral procession at the Lynchburg "Old City Cemetery" as part of their observance of starting a third century of service. (Please visit their web site.) The next morning we were surprised to see ourselves in the Lynchburg News and Advance newspaper!                                

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With four children scattered across the map, getting all together for any celebration, even Christmas, is impossible. Brad and wife Monique live in northern Virginia. Matt and girl friend Sara live in Boulder, Colorado, Andy lives in Revelstoke, BC, Canada. Amy lives nearby in Madison Heights, Va. and grandson Felix is a student at New River Community College. Fortunately  two of those family units were here long enough for an evening of games furnished by Sara and Matt.


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 Birthdays are a big deal for us!  In July 2008 Charlotte and daughter Amy threw a nice party for Aubrey as he passed that big milepost number 65! 


Charlotte, whose birthday  is August 4, just 22 days later on the calendar, is shown with Amy opening presents after  we ate our way through fresh summer veggies and chocolate for her birthday party. Her big birthday milepost is a some  years off.

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In October 2008 we went to our favorite beach place, south Nags Head, NC.  We had a mixed bag of weather, cold, windy with rain and clear, bright days. Our hotel room has a balcony right on the beach! It is a great place to feed the sea gulls. Every day we walked the beach and admired the remote trails in the National Parks there.