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When you run VGE Editor for the first time, there's a good chance you will see the following message:

I have received a lot of emails from new users asking the same question: What does it mean and how can I get around it?

VGE Editor simply automates a process that was discovered by other users on the Neowin forums in early 2007. The manual process took a lot longer to complete (a pain if you have 50 games to add), and if you made a mistake you could potentially ruin your VGE. Before creating VGE Editor - I wrote up my own version of the manual guide since the existing ones were a little hard to understand. It's here if you want to view it.

In order for VGEE to work (or to be able to edit it manually), you must have a legacy game that downloads its box art from the Internet.

A number of users have replied saying that they do have some games have box art already, but VGEE doesn't see them. These are new games, with the Games for Windows label, and they get their box art from the DVD disc, not from the Internet.

So, if you have some very old games (i.e. released from around 1995 to 2002) try installing those and see if the box art is automatically downloaded.

If you don't have any old games, then don't worry. All you really need is the .exe file of a game. While you won't be able to play it, the VGE will still add it under certain conditions. On the main VGEE page, on the right under the Support heading - you will see links to a Dummy Game, and also a video showing how to add the dummy game.

Some didn't like the idea of hosting my copy of nfs3.exe - so I have linked to a website that has a No-CD crack of the game - which still works. The video is in .exe format since it has it's own player (to avoid codec issues). No viruses to worry about.

TIP: Once you download the nfs3.exe file, create a folder somewhere to store it in permanently (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit\nfs3.exe). If, for example, you added it to your VGE while it was placed on your desktop, you would need to keep it there forever, since if you moved or deleted it, it would be removed from the VGE also.

Once the nfs3.exe file has been moved, open your VGE. Drag the nfs3.exe file into the VGE. Nothing will happen yet. Now, right-click the nfs3.exe file, select 'Send To' and choose 'Desktop (Create Shortcut)'. Watch the VGE now and wait for up to a minute (press F5 to refresh as you deem necessary). You should see a new item appear that has the proper name of the game, which will then download the box art from the Internet (assuming you're connected of course).

If that doesn't work - try double-clicking the nfs3.exe file. It won't run successfully - but Windows will detect it and try to add it to the VGE.

When the new item appears with the box art, right click the old nfs3 icon in the VGE and select Remove. You can now close your VGE and run VGE Editor and select Need for Speed III as your game to overwrite.

If nothing you do forces the VGE to download the box art, then you have what we call a 'bad profile'. There is no reason as to why it doesn't work - it occasionally happens to me when I create a test Windows account. I have no option other than to delete the test one and create a new one. In your case, you should create a new administrative user in Windows, log into that, move all of your documents, desktop icons, favorites, etc, across and then delete the old profile (or keep it, it's up to you).

If you don't like choosing which user to log in as when you computer turns on, click Start - Run and type in the following command:

control userpasswords2

Select the account you use, then untick the box that says 'Users must enter a password to log on to the computer'. Click OK and enter in the password for the account. The computer will now automatically log into the account you selected.

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