E-Explorer is a new project - one that will supercede Vista Game Explorer Editor. It has a number of planned new features, that will be available in a number of stages:

  • Support for Windows XP and Vista
  • New Skinnable User Interface
  • Allows changing game ratings, version number, and more
  • Replaces standard Game Explorer by launching any game
  • Edit entries in Vista Media Centre 
  • Customizable links to any program, folder, or web site

Note that E-Explorer will still make alterations to the Vista Game Explorer if you want to continue using it.

EE will require that you download and install Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5. Unless of course you've already downloaded it or you are running Vista SP1. Why not get it now so that you'll be ready when the first Beta versions of EE are released?

Project Status

The current project runs on XP and Vista, and has all of the links working and the Preferences menu mostly completed. Other experimental project files have created to test the changing of game information - these tests have been successful and will be implemented soon.

E-Explorer now has all of the controls required to allow you to add and edit existing games. The controls will be hidden during normal view - and will appear in front of all of your games when you want to make changes. Clicking the 'Write XML' button that you see in the 2nd set of pictures generates accurate XML code for all of the details entered into the controls, including all the different GUIDs for required Ratings and Content Descriptors. The XML buttons are only for testing - and will not be seen in released versions of E-Explorer.

E-Explorer now has code to show all the games on the PC similar to the real VGE. At this point - there is no code to do this for XP - and the BoxArt gets all stretched, which will be fixed. I'm aiming to add functionality before fixing the smaller flaws. The screenshot is mainly being put up here this early to illustrate how you will be able to swap between view all the games and editing or adding a new one.

The Vista functions of E-Explorer have been updated by Julius Friedman, who is also a part of this project. Thanks to him, E-Explorer in Vista will be able to view and edit more game details than VGEE. He has also successfully made EE display BoxArt in the correct proportions. I am continuing to work on the Win-XP part of EE and the GUI as I have time.

A test program has been released for everyone to ensure various pieces of code work correctly on various computer setups. This app is a viewer only, and doesn't use EE's GUI. It will only run on Windows Vista systems that have the .NET Framework version 3.5 installed. This version is included with Vista SP1; those without the service pack will need to download it manually.

Due to the time-losses associated with upgrading to a new computer, and the frustration of one of the parts being faulty, the development of E-Explorer has been temporarily halted for the past month or so. Programming will resume later this year.

Programming has resumed from this month, this weekend being used to code up nearly non-stop. I've been focusing on the XP methods, optimzing the code to make the program faster. While the XP methods are easier, they require a heck of a lot more code (especially for the game ratings and content descriptors). The first alpha release won't be too far away now. I haven't made any visual changes, so I won't upload another screenshot.

Latest Screenshots

As of 26/01/2008:


As of 10/02/2008: 








As of 20/02/2008:

(Box art stretching has been fixed)






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