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IMPORTANT: GooglePages will soon be terminated by Google, who want users to use Google Sites instead. I use Sites for other purposes, but it won't work well with my VGEE program. I've setup a new site at to replace this site.

This also means that I've had to update VGEE so that it now checks the new site for updates, instead of this one. Please ensure that you upgrade to VGEE 2.15a, because once this site is moved, I doubt the update functions in older versions of VGEE will work.


This program simply allows you to edit your VGE (Vista Game Explorer) and add/remove items there to improve it's looks and functionality.

Vista Game Explorer Editor has been tested and praised by the staff at Softpedia, who have granted the program their 100% FREE Award.



Here's some Before and After pics (click to view full size):



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Make sure you check out the Tutorial before asking for general help. You need Office 2007 or the Compatibility pack for older versions of Office to view this document.

Vista Service Pack 1

If you install SP1 after using VGEE to fix up your games folder - you may need to use the 'Repair VGE' funtion in VGEE to remove all your games and re-add them. Prior to installing SP1 - you may want to use VGEE to export all of your games to .vgi files so that you can easily add them back afterwards.

Windows 7 BETA

Reports are in that VGEE works fine in Windows 7 (no I'm not going to call it 7GEE). While I have an older build number of Windows 7 in my multiboot setup, I haven't used it much or played with the Game Explorer. If there's one negative - it seems Microsoft has done nothing to improve it's own Games Explorer, so it's still up to the public to enhance it. Well, if E-Explorer get finished soon, I'll be replacing it.


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