This site's goal is to become your source for the most information on almost every video game console ever made!  It is currently under construction and has a long way to go until it reaches that goal.  This site was launched on May 2, 2010.

Latest News:
2/12/12- Check out my E3 2012 coverage here.  We will be seeing more details on the Wii U and possibly learn more about the successors of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
6/09/11- At E3 2011, Sony announced that the Next Generation Platform (NGP) will be called the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo announced the successor to the Wii will be called the Wii U and that it will be released next year in 2012.
1/26/11- Sony has released information on a succesor to the PSP. They are calling it the Next Generation Platform (NGP).  It will be just like the current PSP but it will have two analogue sticks, a touch screen, and two cameras, with one facing you and one facing away from you.  Read More Here.
1/19/11- Nintendo held there conference in the US and released information that the Nintendo 3DS will be released on March 27, 2011, and it will cost $249.99!  Ouch!  I hope you have deep pockets so you can afford if! You can check out the European release video at the bottom of the page and Read more: Nintendo Life
1/1/11- Happy New Year Everyone!!!
11/04/2010- Today is the day Kinect is released!!
10/26/2010- Today is the PlayStation 2's tenth anniversary!!!
10/18/2010- Today is the NES's 25th birthday.
10/16/2010- Check out the new article about the 7th generation consoles Motion Gaming Comparison.  
10/5/2010- Pansonic announces their new handheld called the jungle.  
9/23/2010- Today is Nintendo's 121st Birthday!!!
9/19/2010- PlayStation Move was supposed to be released today!!  It was actually released on Friday, but Kevin Butler (The guy in the PlayStation Commercials) claims he pulled a few strings to release it a few days early.  Is it better than the Wii?  Should you get Kinect instead?  Check out the Comparison Article Coming Soon!!!!
9/10/2010- It has been 15 years since the launch of the original PlayStation.  
Happy Birthday PlayStation! Click here to read and learn more!
6/15/2010-Nintendo has announced the Nintendo 3DS at their E3 2010 Press Conference.

European Nintendo 3DS Video

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Which includes the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

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handheld sold along with the percent of the video game 
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