So you've been screwed over by big studios. And the oscars played off the folks who where actually saying something about the industry AND had their mic cut off. 

Pissed? I thought so.

"How can I help get back at the Oscars?"

You can help by using LOIC.

"What's LOIC?"

LOIC (or Low Orbit Ion Cannon)
Is a program used for load testing your own servers.
So we're gonna "Load test" the Oscars website.


You can download LOIC here.
(But it says it's a virus!) Don't worry, It's not. 
Hive Mind LOIC.exe (for Windows users) (this one for most people)
LOIC for Android

There are alteritve apps too, 

Then, set the URL (in the select target section) to:

Click lock on

It should bring up an IP right in the big box.

Set threads to 50, or so. If you've got a good connection and computer, you can set it higher. But not to high, might crash your own router.

Keep it on TCP or HTTP.

Put what you want in the TCP/UDP message, I'm putting VFX Protest

Don't worry about all the other settings.

Then fire that lazer! Enough of us doing this, will slow down the site a lot. And if we get a lot, crash the damn site!

Here’s the meaning of each field:

  • IDLE: It shows the number of threads idle. It should be zero for higher efficiency of the attack.
  • Connecting: This shows the number of threads that are trying to connect to the victim server.
  • Requesting: This shows the number of threads that are requesting some information from the victim server.
  • Downloading: This shows the number of threads that are initiating some download for some information from the server.
  • Downloaded: This number shows how many times data downloading has been initiated from victim server on which you are attacking.
  • Requested: This number shows how many times a data download has been requested from victim server.
  • Failed: This number shows how many times the server did not respond to the request. A larger number in this field means the server is going down. The success of the attack can be measured by the number shown in this field.
Can they trace it back to me?
Yes, but enough of us will be to much, or you can use a proxy, sadly, you can't use a proxy server at the school (you need open ports) but at home you can.
Look into using a proxy server. remember, Google is your friend.

We are Anonymous
We do not forget
We do not forgive
We are legion
Expect us
There will be change
Or there will be chaos