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VFW Post 9972

There are many definitions of the word comrade, the ones that fit best when referring to our VFW are; friend, companion, and fellow servicemen. We understand the unique bond you share with other veterans of overseas conflicts because we too, have been there. Since 1899, the VFW has been the nation’s leading veterans service organization in the fight to better the lives of all those who’ve worn the uniform of the United States military.

The list below are some your current elected  and appointed officers of Post 9972:

 Position Name  Email Address                            
Post Commander
GLENN HOHMAN commander@vfwpost9972.org
Sr. Vice Commander
JOERG WALLACE srvicecmdr@vfwpost9972.org
Jr. Vice CommanderJEFF FOLEY jrvicecmdr@vfwpost9972.org 
QuartermasterALLEN "GUNNER" KENT quartermaster@vfwpost9972.org 
Judge AdvocateTIM BORLAND judgeadvocate@vfwpost9972.org 
1 Year TrusteeMIKE ARNOLD
2 Year TrusteeCLARENCE "SHORTY" LARSON 2yrtrustee@vfwpost9972.org 
3 Year TrusteeWILLIAM McCUTCHEN 3yrtrustee@vfwpost9972.org 
See Sr. Vice Cmdr.
Officer Of The Day/Guard        WILLIAM McCUTCHEN               See 3 Yr. Trustee                         
Chief of Staff                            VINCE MITCHELL                       vince2444@msn.com 
Bingo Chairman                       WENDY MOORE                         lovlyldy1@q.com          
Buddy Poppy Chairman           JEFF FOLEY                                   See Jr. Vice Cmdr.            
Voice of Democracy                JOERG WALLACE                         See Sr, Vice Cmdr.               
Patriot Pen Chairman               JOE LARSON                                  fedjoe@yahoo.com
Teacher of the Year                   MAYNARD "MIKE" UHLIG          See Adjutant
Service Officer                            RAY SCHULTZ                                
Deputy Service Officer             CLAUDIE JOHNSON                                                         Membership Chairman             JOERG WALLACE                         See Sr. Vice Cmdr.      
Relief Committee Chair            CLARENCE   LARSON                See 2 yr. Trustee
Relief Committee                        ALL ELECTED OFFICERS
Color/Honor Guard CDR           CLARENCE  LARSON                  See 2 yr. Trustee
POW/MIA Chairman                   JAMES "JIM"  MCCORMICK      jimmccormickvfwaz@gmx.com
Club Committee Chair               TOM ROGERS                             tdrogers@cox.net
Club Manager                            MARGARET VOILS                      canteenmanager@vfwpost9972.org
POST/CLUB SEC.CHAIR.         ROCKY BOATMAN                     rboatman1@cox.net
Building/Grounds                       CLARENCE LARSON                   See 2 yr. Trustee                   Steak Fry Chairman                            GLENN HOHMAN                          See Commander            
Community Activities Chair     TBD                                                            
Fire Fighter Chairman                RON DESPAIN                               cconnydespain4754@msn.com    
Gold Star Law Enforce. Chair   RON DESPAIN                                                             
Finance Committee                     ALLEN "GUNNER" KENT           See Adjutant
Marine Committee                       JOEY OLIVERAS                           jose.m.oliveras.civ@mail.mil
Golf Tournament Chairman      TOM RODGERS                                                      
Hospital Chairman                       MARCIA "PEPSI" DANIELS       See Chaplain
Legislative/Political Officer       TIM BORLAND                  
Operation Uplink/MAP                GLENN HOHMAN                          See Commander
Public Affairs Officer                   JOEY OLIVERAS                           jose.m.oliveras.civ@mail.mil
Homeless Veterans Chairman  MARCIA DANIELS                        See Chaplain         
Youth Activities Chairman         JOERG WALLACE                      See Sr. Vice Cmdr.
Americanism/Loyalty Chair      GLENN HOHMAN                        See Commander
Employment Officer                  GLENN HOHMAN                        See Commander 
If you are interested in volunteering for one of the vacant positions please contact Post 9972 Commander
Glenn Hohman, commander@vfwpost9972.org

***Information Updated 21 June 2017 from VFW Post 9972 General Order No. 1 dated 1 July 2017***