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Post December 2017 Newsletter

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 December 2017  Edition  #34

In this Issue:

Post Events and Activities Next 30 Days

Post Commanders Corner

Auxiliary Presidents Corner

                             Post Committee Updates

Community Support and Post Events

Canteen Menu

 In Memoriam


Post Events and Activities Events Next 30 Days

Poker every Tuesday at 7 pm

Dart League every Thursday at 7pm

Dinner every Friday Night 5:30-8:30 pm

Euchre every Saturday at 2 pm

Post and Auxiliary Meeting at 7 pm Wednesday, December 6th

December 10th- Post Christmas party. Flyer and details TBA

December 25th- Christmas Day- The Canteen will be Closed

December 31st - New Year’s Eve


Post Commanders Corner- Comrade Commander Chris Baldwin

Comrades, Sisters, and Brothers,

        I hope this newsletter finds everyone doing well. It’s hard to believe that we are already through our Sixth month of the 2017-2018 year. In the month of October, we conducted 20 community support projects that included support to the Brandon Voice, National Children’s Home, Eagle Scout Project, doctor visit assistance, etc. Our honor guard conduct 7 funerals in October as well. In all, we accrued 58 hours of community service and donated $636.25 to various organizations and charities.

         I’m going to focus my comments on our Canteen in this newsletter because at this particular time we wanted to take the opportunity to explain to everyone about the 8 initiatives that we have or will embark on very shortly. But more importantly, I wanted to explain the why, so that everyone understands, and everyone gets the same message.  The initiatives are: 1) Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), 2) new security cameras and security system, 3) new bar glassware, 4) changing our cable/internet provider, 5) installing a water softener, 6) moving the ice machine, 7) installing a double head kegerator, and 8) purchasing another refrigerator/freezer.

        1) The electronic point of sale system provides us with a more efficient way to manage and account for the products sold, income, and expenses used that directly support to canteen operations. This type of system is widely used throughout this industry. It will allow us to better manage our inventory, provide digital trend analysis on consumer purchases, ensure standardization in products provided, and allow for an overall better consumer experience. 2) The security cameras and system that we previously had was antiquated. The lowest bidder was approx. $3,500.00. We purchased and installed better quality cameras and a self-installed system for $2,500.00 less. We also installed 5 new cameras that we didn’t previously have. The reason we upgraded our system and cameras is really a very simple reason: to protect our organization. We aren’t trying to watch what our patrons are doing, we are trying to protect our organization against frivolous lawsuits. If we would have had the proper insurances and security processes in place, the last lawsuit we had would have been stopped before it ever started, and we would have saved much need funds. 3) The new bar glassware ensures a standardization in the products we serve, it allows for the proper accountability of inventory used, and allows us to better manage of costs, which equates to increased profitability. Also, we will be selling out custom made glassware that we use.  This allows use to pay for the barware that we use daily, without expending funds from our operating budget. 4) Initially we were going to change to MetroNet, however after notification to Comcast they have offered us a much better package with faster internet, an increased TV package, and a savings of over $130 per month for the next 36 months ($4,680.00 in savings). 5) The water softener will directly help with maintenance costs on our ice machine, it will help with cleaner bar glassware and dishes, it will help with keeping our stainless-steel sinks cleaner, and the ice machine will produce better tasking ice. 6) By moving the ice machine, the immediate bar area will be quitter and cooler, it will decrease the maintenance costs due to the fact that yeast from opening beer will no longer attach itself to the new ice and clog the drain inside the ice well, and it will allow room for a kegerator. 7) It has long been a known industry fact that draft beer is much more profitable than bottled beer. Additionally, this gives us the opportunity to offer seasonal beers and/or other offering that are costly and take up precious storage room.  And lastly 8) Purchasing an addition refrigerator that directly support the canteen will allow is to better use the current systems we have and additionally allow us to have frost or chilled pint glasses for our draft beer offerings.

       In closing, I’d like to welcome our new member(s): No new members in November. Additionally, we’d like to welcome members that have transferred to us from other Posts; No new transfers in November.  As always, I want to thank everyone for their continued support and dedication to our great organization. We hope to see you at the canteen for some of the upcoming events that we have scheduled.  May God bless you and your families, our current service members and veterans all around the world, and may God Bless America.      


Christopher R. Baldwin

1SG (R), USA

Post Commander



Auxiliary Presidents Corner- Janet Riddle

Dear Comrades, Sisters and Brothers,

    I hope this newsletter finds everyone well. In November the auxiliary hosted a Bean Dinner and held raffles to raise money for our scholarship fund. Thank you to everyone that participated and made this a success. We also hosted a Veterans Day breakfast and thank you to everyone that helped set up, prepare food and clean up. The veterans that came in were very appreciative. 

   A reminder that we are collecting food and items for the veterans through Johnson County Senior Services. There is a Giving Tree at the Post with items that are needed. The JCSS has 325 veteran associated individuals they are assisting, so any of the items will definitely help. I would also like to thank Gentle Dentist for donating 650 toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss to this cause. Not only are they helping us with the veterans in need but also the non-veterans that are assisted through JCSS. 

   We only have a few annual members that haven’t paid their 2018 dues. Don’t forget, to be a member in good standing for 2018 that we need your dues by 12/15/2017 so it can be processed by 12/31/2017. You can always drop it off at the Post and the auxiliary will get it. 

   I hope everyone had a safe and good Thanksgiving. I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. Our next meeting is on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at the Post. May God bless you, our families and our military here and abroad. 



Janet Riddle, President 

VFW Auxiliary #6978


Post Committee Updates 

1.     PAO and Community Support Committee- We are still looking for a group of people to revitalize these much-needed committees.

2.     House Committee: Chairman Comrade Tabor Siedl.  If anyone has any suggestions or issues that they’d like this committee to review and discuss, submit them to our Post e-mail at vfw6978webmaster@gmail.com or you can write/type a letter and place it in a sealed envelope and give it to one of our canteen associates, not later than Tuesday of each week.

3.   Visitation Committee: Chairman Comrade Don Metcalf-If you are having issues or just need someone to talk to please reach out to us.  If any members know of anyone that needs a visit, please contact us at vfw6978chaplain@gmail.com or call the post at 317-535-4041.


Community Support and Post Events


December 6th- Post and Auxiliary Meeting @ 7pm

December 7th- Pearl Harbor Day

December 10th- Post Christmas party. Flyer and details TBA

December 25th- Christmas Day- The Canteen will be Closed

December 31st - New Year’s Eve


Veteran Centric Community Support Project- Veteran Centric Community Support Project- We will once again partner with HVAF to supply families in need with Holiday meals. Details TBP after HVAF coordination meeting.



January 3rd- Post and Auxiliary Meeting @ 7pm

January 16th- MLK Day

January 27th- Signing of Vietnam Peace Accord

January 28th- District Meeting at 1030 am, Greenwood

Veteran Centric Community Support Project- TBD



February 7th- Post and Auxiliary Meeting @ 7pm

February 14th- Valentine’s Day

February 15th- Sinking of USS Maine, 1898

February 28th- Liberation of Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm, 1991

Veteran Centric Community Support Project- TBD


Friday Night Dinner Schedule- Dine in or carry out available (Change subject to cook’s discretion)

December 1st-  meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, green beans, and a dinner roll- $10.00 December 8th-  Grilled Chicken Breast, baked potato, and vegetable- $11.00

December 15th- BBQ Rig Hoagie with seasoned potato wedges- $10.00

December 22nd-  Beef Stew with grilled cheese sandwich- $10.00

December 29th- Friday Steak Dinner, Potato, Vegetable, and Side Salad- $13.00


 In Memoriam:

Our thoughts and prayers go the family of the recently deceased member(s) of Post 6978.


Thankfully No Members Passed in November 2017