Project realized by the French NGO Vietnam France Échanges at Cai Ran (Southern Vietnam)

The NGO "Vietnam France Échanges"

Vietnam France Échanges is a French NGO, run by volunteers and in close collaboration with Cai Ran's parish in the region of Ca Mau (Southern Vietnam).

The association based its action on the core values of transparency, mutual respect between men and women of different backgrounds and cultures, solidarity, sharing and mutual cultural enrichment.
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To help the villagers of Cai Ran to become actors in their own development, Vietnam France Echanges contributes to :


    • Fight against all forms of poverty and deny exploitation of poverty, drugs, trade in children

    • Promote hygiene, basic medical assistance

    • Educate children

    • Deliver clean water, housing and infrastructures

    • Take actions to protect the environment

    • Avoid uprooting, preserve traditions and cultural heritage

    The "System of Rice Farming Intensification" Project in Cai Ran

    The SRI Project in Cai Ran aims to :

      • Promote economic empowerment of the targeted population through food self-sufficiency and resale of production surplus

      • Increase rice production while respecting natural resources (water consumption, seeds, etc.).

      • Allow farmers to stockpile rice without prejudice to their diet


    You can download the PROJECT PLANNING  below. 

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