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Build a basic claw

    Your competition robot will need a claw in order to pick up the Gateway scoring elements.  In this challenge you will learn to build a very simple claw.  Your competition robot will need to add on to this design in order to make a more usable claw.

    Bronze Challenge
    Build a the claw as shown in the photo below.  Note that the arms of the claw are screwed to the big gears so that they turn when the gear turns.

    Did you remember to use three bearing flats on the bottom of the 5 x 15 metal plate?  
    Now write and download a Competition Project that allows you to control the claw with the channel 5 buttons on your joystick.

    Silver Challenge
    Modify your claw so that it is lighter in weight. (Hint: replace the 5 x 15 metal plate). This is important since your competition robot will need a claw that is attached to the end of an arm that can raise and lower it so you can lift scoring pieces into goals.  A heavy claw will put a strain on the motor that has to lift it, drain your battery faster, and make your robot easier to tip.

    Gold Challenge
    Attach a potentiometer sensor to your claw as shown. Plug it into Analog Input 1.

    This type of sensor will send back a number to the controller that depends on how much the claw is opened or closed. You could use this feedback to write an autonomous program that will open and close the jaw to exact positions.  For this challenge, however, you only need to learn how to use the Easy C Online Window to view the values that the potentiomenter sends back as you manually open and close your claw.  What number do you get when the claw is fully open?  Fully closed?