Welcome to the VRRS. We are a group of volunteer informaticists who are developing what may be the first true veterinary standard. The aim of the VRRS are to develop an open document exchange structure for transmitting telemedicine reports between computer systems. We are modeling the document after the HL7 CDA document, but are not willing to use pure HL7[1]

  1. If you are a telemedicine provider and are looking for a way to deliver your reports to practice management software, we would like to offer our document structure to you, free of charge and with no licensing requirements.
  2. If you are a practice management software developer and want to consume telemedicine reports, encourage your providers to use this document structure - that way, you only have to develop it ONCE, and never have to worry about us charging you for it later.
Current status
We are nearing completion of our document design. Do you know a bit about CDA and DICOM SR? You can help out! Join our group and let us know of your interest.  We are also working out the details of an appropriate license and governance body, to ensure that the standard is always free and always open.

[1] HL7 intellectual property licensing requires any company that sells software that uses HL7 in any form to be an active, paid member of HL7. Since membership can cost $2000-$20,000, we feel this is a commitment that many veterinary companies will refuse to make simply to support one document format. Consequently, we are designing a structure that will be easy to convert to HL7 if HL7 ever "sees the light", but which will be offered under our own no-cost licensing.


Other Info

  • Join the VRRS group to send comments.
  • Also, other general notes and considerations about this standard are here.
  • If you want to join the discussion, visit http://groups.google.com/group/vrrs.
  • Meeting minutes available here.
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