About US

BACKGROUND:  Spent 10 years in the military with specific roles as System Administrator, Desktop Support Technician, PC Technician, ASSET Manager, Web page Maintainer, Software Manager, and Computer Security Specialist.  Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems and received various computer related certifications within the military. 


VALUE:  We at VetGeek's insures our quality of work, to you the customer, to be top notch.  Wheather from email, phone, or in person, we will take great care and pride to service you from start to finish.  Once the service is complete we will provide a detail report, via email on the diagnostic, service offered, complete results, and future recommendations to you.  We want you to understand how passionate we in serving you.


SERVICE:  Over 15 years of experience says a lot about a company who understands and knows what makes the IT industry tick.  We would also like to make sure you understand that as well.  We at VetGeek's are committed to you and your infrastructure needs.  Our goal is to make sure, your network is safe and sound as well as apply the latest and greatest technologies throughout your company.