Project title:

Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project

"Training of learners
in vocational education and training who have learning difficulties and
enhancing the application of methods to help these students .

(2008-1-TR1-LEO04-03103 3)


2008 - 2010




(lokal coordinator in italics)


The Dutch Alliance (TDA), ROC Leeuwenborgh, ROC Eindhoven


Friedrich-List-Schule, FLS-International, Hans-Böckler-Schule (OSZ Konstruktionsbautechnik), ABW Kreuzberg e.V.


Antalya Industry Vocationa Highschool, Technical Highschool, Anatolian Technical Highschool, Anatolian Vocational Highschool, Anatolian Maritime Vocational Highschool

Project description

In This Leonardo da Vinci partnership project is targeting at the normal skilled learner in vocational education and training having learning difficulties for various reasons.

The partners of the project are organizations from Germany, Netherlands and Turkey, Turkey being the coordinator in this project with alltogether 24 mobilities.

The participants are teachers and trainers in VET from state run VET centers.

The actions of our project are:

- Identifying and studying the kind of learning difficulties in the partner organizations

- By visiting the three countries: learning about, sharing and improving the methods of the partner countries/cities

- Generalizing the project outcomes and presenting the various methodsin a website e-learning portal

- Strengthening an ongoing cooperation among the partners

    The term of “learning difficulty” is used for the students having serious problems in learning but not having any learning disability in both mentally and physically. The students with learning difficulty perform problems in especially academic areas. The reasons of the learning difficulties in education hasn’t been clarified in education yet but the studies about it is continuing.

         To make the students with learning difficulties, successful new-class-directing and effective teaching methods and different approaches in teaching are being used. The teaching must be formed according to the students’  interests , education programs must be personalized and the ability teaching must be given more importance. The success of these executions are up to the private trainers’ or teachers’ knowing various teaching methods and approaches in education.

  • The topic of the project  “ the education of the people having learning difficulties in execution of  vocational technical Education.” forms a common problem in the education system of  partner countries.
  • In three different countries , in the period of mobility action that is included by the partners , the different problems in different cultures and the solution of those   problems are going to be found out. The real organizations and schools are going to be taken benefit in three countries while these are being done.
  • The sharing of various execution methods and techniques in European criteria are going to be supplied.In the VET systems , organizations and executions the European quality , modern techniques and  innovations are going to be used.
  • During the Project among the organizations of VET , constant cooperation is going to be supplied .The continuity of the constant cooperation is going to be supplied after the project. E-learning portal is going to be formed and the continuous learning of the public is going to be supported.
The form of a wide age-group and man-woman- balanced participants is going to           be  supplied.
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