About: Suicide Prevention

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 Your opportunity to help our cause is in your immediate control, totally, electronically, by your cellphone; Thank You!

I am one disabled veteran hoping to independently oversee the providing of ecumenical church and rehab center visits with a brief memorial service and gifts on your behalf.  GoFundMe

  We understand your pain and our prayers are, and will always be, with you.  Everyone has experienced thoughts of suicide at one point or another, military and civilian alike; you are not alone in this.   Please contact the veteran crisis line for all of us who love you and would be devastated to hear something has happened to you.  Live, rest peacefully, and never give up fighting the good fight, relentlessly.  God bless you my brothers and sisters in arms; especially you who are most in need.  Please explore this website and find at least a moment of distraction from what worries you today.  Thank you for your service.