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Our Wonderful Military Mothers

God Bless Our Military Mothers
Home Sweet Home Began with a Mom
  My Soldier's Mom
  My child, you glow in uniform
  In pride I live, my heart so warm

  I have such precious thoughts cascade
  Some old, some new, not one will fade

  How hard that day we said good-bye
  The joy, the pain, etched in my eye
  You left to serve our country well
  My perfect one, my tears did swell

  No better soldier could there be
  For in my love, that's all I see

  Oh how I pray for you each day
  Be safe, be well, God guide your way

  I keep your home in wait with me
  Your Mom will guard it faithfully

  How great the day when you'll return
  We'll talk and talk, night-lights to burn

My Soldier's Mom, is who I am
  While you do proud, for Uncle Sam

  Roger J. Robicheau
    Mom Be Bold

   I may clutch a picture of my child
  Go in that room of memories wild

  My young one has left to be so brave
  The hero of my heart, gone to save

  At times I want to reach out and hold
  But I know the answer, Mom be bold

  The love of my child is part of me
  So strong and good, it will always be

  Nurtured in life with a caring heart
  This child to me is a work of art

  Dear God you know how my love is true
  I've prayed for my soldier, more I'll do

  And to mothers who live their life as I
  We'll grow in support, our flag held high

  Together we'll get through each new day
  Becoming great friends, God Bless our way

  Roger J. Robicheau
  Dear Mother

  Oh How I will miss you this Christmas Day
  You'll be so in my thoughts, my first away

  Past memories shared, I have locked inside
  The same ones you keep, not a one denied

  So close we have been as I grew by you
  Now look at your child, I'm a soldier true

  I feel that respect you instilled in me
  From God through you, it forever will be

  One day I may pass this on to my own
  With memories held of what I was shown

  Your worry for me must be hard to bear
  Have faith, my dear mother, He made this clear

  Each time I do leave, keep your head up high
  I love you so much, don't want you to cry

  Remember that star which showed three the way
  My spirit does soar like theirs did that day

  Because you so cared, I stand proud and tall
  Merry Christmas to you, Best Mom of all

  Roger J. Robicheau
  A Mother Waits

  A soldier leaves, a mother waits
  Do understand what love creates

  Tremendous pride, a want to see
  The best troop in all history

  She knows she must stay very strong
  For that kid who used to tagalong

  To God she prays from day to day
  To guide her child in every way

  How special is this bond that ties
  A mother and her precious prize

  Look in her heart, you'll see pure love
  Look in her soul, there's God above

  The hope she holds is bigger than
  The biggest ocean known to man

  God Blessed me with the very best
  My Mother's now with Him at rest

   Roger J. Robicheau
   An Old Wooden Chair


 An old wooden chair, out on the porch
 Shaded by trees, the sun couldn’t scorch

 A child loved to play, not far away
 When tired this chair, was where to stay

 If weather turned bad, as sometimes it would
 The young one would sit, those arms felt good

 This haven of rest, always was there
 Like a mother in charge, always took care

 As the years passed, the chair bore no change
 But the small one did grow, adding new range

 How quickly through high school, time fled by
 And the child from that chair, said good-bye

 Off to the service, such great pride did show
 Protector of freedom, youthful brave glow

 A loved one of course, now guards this chair
 Holding fond memories, each one so dear

 With prayers to God, dear mother does wait
 Till her brave one's home safe, a want so great

 That now empty chair, shaded by trees
 If it could just talk, starting with "Please..


 ©2006Roger J. Robicheau


 My Mother's Soldier

  I think of her in treasured ways
  Of all those years through watchful days

  She nurtured me to grow up proud
  Now that's a fact I'll shout out loud

  Her awesome love wells deep inside
  Her magic gift will never hide

  I know she thinks of me a lot
  She always will, her lesson taught

  I thank you God for all she is
  My friend, my guide, my total wiz

  What does my mother mean to me?
  Look in my eyes, she's there to see

  My Mother's Soldier, yes I am
  While I stand watch for Uncle Sam

  Don't ever doubt who is the best
  Her care exceeds the toughest test

  Roger J. Robicheau

  A Mother's love, is sure to find
  A way to comfort, ease your mind

  She knows just how, to build you up
  When you're so down, and can't look up

  You love the way, she makes you feel
  Like you're so special, her ideal

  Her thought must start, with God above
  To bring such caring, with such love

  And as it flows, like gentle rain
  It surely helps, when troubles pain

  The love from mine, is oh so clear
  I only wish, she was still here

  Her warming glow, is missed each day
  Even though, I seldom say

  But she did leave, her gift behind
  To help me through, when I may pine

  And that's the feel, known deep inside
  Her faith and love, I still confide

  My Loving Mother Stella
  Roger Robicheau
  Mothers To Others

  There are soldiers' mothers who reach out
  Beyond their own, to spread love about

  They try so hard and are so sincere
  As mothers to others, they're premier

  Each letter or note comes from their heart
  Sent written with love, feelings impart

  A package is wrapped, filled with good cheer
  Just like at Christmas with motherly care

  How God must so love all that they do
  Their thoughtfulness shows, concerns so true

  Some grateful soldiers, do know the score
  They're thankful for moms, forevermore

  Our country should be, proud of them all
  They warrant our praise, standing so tall

  To these precious women, tried and true
  May God Always Bless, this wondrous crew  

  Roger J. Robicheau
  No One Prouder

  There is no one prouder than a fine military mother
  Her support is of the strongest caliber to be found
  She knows what she has to do and lovingly does it
  Great faith is something she so abundantly shows

  The motivation of these sincere women is heartwarming
  The way they give to their own and others is an inspiration
  Their sincere effort to be helpful is foremost in their thought
  And how wondeful they perform when united in purpose

  They are such tremendous supporters of all our military troops
  Ask one hundred members of our Armed Forces about this
  You'll see how many place a loving mother right up at the top
  Don't bother asking this veteran, my words spell it out for me

  May God bestow many blessings on these very special women
  I'm in awe of their strength, determination, and courage
  Behold the powerful fortitude they so steadfastly show
  Do strive to keep them in your daily prayers and thoughts

   Roger J. Robicheau - US Military Veteran (Four Years)

 You're Coming Home 


In thrill I wait, you’ll soon be home
Your land, past oceans white with foam

I brave each day till our eyes meet
Your treasured heart, I miss its beat

Such want to have you close to me
Will soon come true, God let it be

When you arrive I won’t be shy
You’ll see excitement, I may cry

I’ll rush to hold my soldier tight
With all my heart and all my might

Emotions will so fill the day
I’ll be the child who loves to play

I’ll beam with pride to be with you
You are the best, no doubt, so true

The time we share will help me through
When days do come without dear you

You're coming home is all I need
Be safe my precious one, Goodspeed


©2003Roger J. Robicheau