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An Eye For Humor

That Bird Has To Pay

The fist landed square, right on my jaw
I went to one knee, to see what I saw

My thought was so scrambled, I felt like an egg
That rooster just got me, with his powder keg

I got up real slow, as time slipped away
But felt that I thought, that bird has to pay

I danced to the left, and then to the right
And slowly moved in, to make it a fight

He hit me again, I felt the delay
As both of my knees, began to give way

That canvas felt peaceful as I rolled around
And then heard the bell, to end this last round

My fight was now over, thank goodness I say
Now back to my trade, of plumbing each day

The pipes never punch, nor put you away
And when I'm all done, that bird has to pay

A Contented Poetic Plumber

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, please don't fall
You are my highest friend, so tall

If you went down upon the floor
I'd have to clean your mess for sure

Then I'd have to throw you out
And buy another, Boy! I'd pout

Better that you stay in place
Just be my image, show your grace

You know I love to use you so
To dry my hair, and let it flow

You watch me put my lipstick bright
And show my shoes, to fit just right

All the clothes which I do wear
Meet your approval, I declare

You've watched me grow to be full-scale
You are my pal, do never fail

For if I end up like a whale
You'll surely end up in a pail

That China Bowl

When we do sit upon the thrown
We feel an urge to be alone

That china bowl on which we perch
Will take it all, without a lurch

Sometimes we wait, as things don't pass
And this may cause a bit of gas

But when we touch the paper roll
We know all lies within the bowl

We've done our job, all is okay
And thoughts turn fast, to get away

A flush soon comes to send on down
What we don't want to hang around

We wash our hands, and sometimes spray
Then leave the room and stay away

The Poetic Plumber Of Course
  The Great Phenom

He's not too tall, around five foot eight
Nor is he lean, from all he ate

His sense of humor, is guaranteed
And watch his wit, so quick indeed

Those feet are tens, in size that's all
His legs are short, not far to fall

Hair leaves his head, on time each day
On a one way trip, just to getaway

The sides are mostly gray in hue
As is the beard, no moustache view

What can I say, about this guy
He's a piece of cake, in an apple pie

His eyes are bright and brown for you
I'll level now, I'm the same guy too

Now I've really dropped the bomb
How do you do, I'm the great phenom

I know what you're thinking
'It's all about me'
Well!! Yup!!