VESI's President and Founder

President's Message 2011
Valuable recognition for VESI's efforts

VESI President

I’m proud to report that VESI was profiled earlier this year in Retina Today, a prestigious ophthalmology journal. The article, “Charitable Eye Surgery Organization Hindered by Violence,” cast a spotlight on our initiative in Afghanistan, where we are helping that nation’s only retinal surgeon, Hossein Frogh.

A few years ago, VESI helped to fund a 2-year retinal fellowship for Dr. Frogh in India. Today, he is struggling to maintain his practice in Kabul because he lacks medical and surgical equipment. Sadly, due to the security situation in Afghanistan, and particularly the massacre last year of 10 American medical volunteers, VESI has had to end its missions in that country.

Nevertheless, as reported in Retina Today’s feature story about VESI, we continue to seek donations of surgical supplies and equipment to support Dr. Frogh and his important work in that troubled country.

Chairman's Message 2015
A changing world, a changing mission

VESI Chairman

As you can see from this website, VESI is one of the first organizations to set up a working relationship to help the people of Myanmar. To accomplish this took the great effort, experience and courage of our CEO, Dr. Rogers Pierson. The team of Drs. Pierson and Purdy have already enabled many to live a normal life.

Our other projects are also life charging for many men, women, and children. But to continue these efforts we need more funds. I am sure you are overwhelmed with requests for donations in this terribly troubled world. I ask you to consider that your contribution to VESI will directly help to change the lives of a relatively small number of people, but very dramatically!

Please consider returning the form below with what ever you can. Many, many thanks for your help.