Shaving soap for men

Contains benonite clay and kelp for a really smooth shave


Lavender & flowers

This is a lovely bath soap, gently exfoliating and scented with pure French lavender

Bitter orange & lavender

Pettigrain is from twigs and leaves of the orange blossom, it is balancing for the skin and makes a lovely facial soap

Unscented and pure

rich in shea butter and contains no scent this makes it suitable for very sensitive and dry skin, good for babies and children


Toning and detox

A very popular soap, packed with essential oils & great for toning any wobbly bits! Smells great too.

lavender & oatmeal

A gorgeous gentle soap with oatmeal to soothe the skin

Yummy chocolate

A real winner, looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate contains zero calories

Peppermint & poppy seed

Zingy mint and exfoliating poppy-great for the shower

Hardworking hands

Contains rosemary, citronella & arnica oils – fantastic for gardeners as a scrubby hand soap that cleanses and soothes

Lavender lime & geranium

The ultimate soap for all round use, our best seller. Gorgeous!