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Welcome to the VPday site!

What's the VPday?

The Vertebrate Paleontology day (in short VPday) is the first  Italian Meeting for Young Researchers in Vertebrate Paleontology. 
It is the perfect place for young vertebrate paleontologists to present the results of their work to other researchers like them, and to exchange opinions, advice and discuss different topics regarding Vertebrate Paleontology.

Who is a "young paleontologist"? 

Vertebrate paleontology MSc students, PhD students, and Postdocs, that have ended their PhD in the last four years. 

How much does the registration fees cost?

Absolutely nothing! 
We would like to maximize the participation in the meeting!

Should I prepare an Abstract?

Yes, you have to. Every participant has to submit an Extended Abstract of a maximum length of 3 pages (ca 800-1000 words) with figures and references (if necessary). In the section Extended Abstract can be found a fac-simile of these abstracts.

Why these long abstracts?

Instead of a poor and sloppy abstract of an anonymous abstract booklet, we would like to value and boost our research.  For this reason, each abstract will be revised and, once ready, will be gathered in an electronic publication, "Fossilia" (ISBN:9791220034081), open access e fully citable. 

Talks or Posters?

The oral presentations will be organized during the day (10-18). Talks should stay within 15 minutes (12+3 for questions). In case of a surplus of talk applications, the Scientific Committee could eventually convert few standard talks into lightning talks (5 min + 2 for questions) in order to respect the scheduled slots. All talks should be prepared as Microsoft PowerPoint document (.ppt o.pptx) or .pdf.


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