Vertex Normal Tool KB

Vertex Normal Tool is a plug-in for C4D which adds a tool for creating and manipulating vertex normals on polygon objects in C4d. Virtually all other high-end 3d applications (3ds Max, Maya, etc.) support vertex normal editing and while c4d supports importing, rendering, etc.. vertex normals it lacks any interface or tool for creating or editing them. This plug-in aims to address that problem by giving the artist full control over vertex normals. 


Version 1.03
Fixed bug in 17.048 AddColorChooser "#TypeError: Required argument 'settings' (pos 6) not found" does not seem to be documented but providing dummy bc seems to surfactant.

Version 1.02
Fixed bug due to plugin not correctly checking for presence of a phong tag which caused the object to become out of sync.

Version 1.01
Fixed bug that in certain cases when c4d called "reload python plugins" a warning  would be printed to console.
Fixed bug that could cause a unexpected error when c4d is closed if the vertex normal tool is still active and drawing to the viewport in.
Added compiled .pypv for R15

Version 1.0
Initial release