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Sílvia AYMERICH i LEMOS is an author from
Catalonia. She is a member of the Pen Club and the AELC. As a translator, she has rendered a number of literary works from English, French, Occitan, Italian and German. As a  writer, she has  published, among  others, La meva Europa  [My own  Europe],  ( Amadeu  Oller  Prize  for  young  poets 1985), Berlín Zoo (Cassà’s Narrative Prize 1991) and Els déus de Califòrnia [The Gods of California], City of Elx Narrative Prize 1993). 

Regarding Lablit, she authored two juvenile novels: Ulls de pantera ([Panther Eyes], 1994) and Gelati! (1998), and  co-authored a  third, Roger  d’Orlhac  (2009), all of them later on  translated into Spanish.. Her digital novel on health issues, El bloc de l'Eva [Eva’s blog], (2009) was sponsored by the Catalan Department of Education. She has recently contributed a short storyPell de lluna [Moon's skin], to the monography Científics Lletraferits (2014). As a researcher, she has conducted a study on LabLit and gender in Catalan literature under the patronage of the Department of Culture.

Her poetic work has been included in several anthologies and she has also contributed poems translated by herself into French in  Forum der Schrifteller (1995) and in Le Pan des Muses (2012), and into English in Malpaís Review (2013).

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